Which implant to choose

Good day! I would like to ask and avice:
Which implant i can use in order to write and re-write any data inside?
For example: I have credit card with NFC and i want to copy it to implant or i have facility access card also NFC and i also want to copy it to implant.
As far as i understand, implants have some differences and it puts me in doubt which implant to choose.
Previously i bought Spark 2 and this chip is nor re-programmable, so not comply with my demands(((

I think one of the first things to consider is that simply writing data to a chip does not mean it’s going to work with the intended system. For example, you can definitely write your credit card number to the chip and it will be stored in binary format within the memory contents, but it’s a bit like writing your credit card number on a piece of paper and then trying to swipe that piece of paper through a credit card machine. Technically the data is there, but the entire methodology and standards and framework required to safely and securely communicate that data in an expected way to the terminal is not there.

To see more about payments check out Making payments with an implant - FAQs - Dangerous Things Forum

When it comes to NFC, now you’re talking about a standard with which several of the chip implants comply with. That means you can correctly write shareable NFC data to the memory contents of an NFC compatible chip and if written correctly, that data can be shared with things like NFC enabled smartphones and other types of devices.

Access control solutions are an entirely different matter. There are several different ways they work and being able to copy an existing access card or fob to an implant really depends on that source chip being of a certain type, and us having a compatible reprogrammable chip implant that can properly pretend to be or so-called emulate that kind of chip.

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to read through the primer posts at Quick technology primer - Primers - Dangerous Things Forum but it’s a good place to start. I will try to expand those posts to include more in-depth information but there should be some basic content and videos linked within that I hope do a decent job of explaining the basics.


Thank you for the info, I found it very interesting as learning new things. It makes clear question about credit cards, which was not good example of what i need.
However, still could you please tell me which of implants are re-programmable? If there are many i will check it out by the specs and choose myself what is most close to my demands.

Hmmmm, thats tricky.

Basically, ALL of the implants are re-programmable in one form or another…

Are you referring to the UID / NUID ( Basically the ID number ) or user memory?

The Low Frequency implants using a T5577 Chip can have their ID changed and their mode ( HID, Indala, EM … )
Something like this would be what you would need / want
Next Implant

In High Frequency, the M1 chip is referred to as a Magic Chip. it is older HF tech, and it can have its ID changed, these m1 chips also have 1kB memory
something like these

If you are referring to being able to write data to one, pretty much any HF implant will do this as NDEF data and you can write to them with a NFC capable phone.

It would be easier for us to recommend something to you if we knew exactly what you wanted to use it for/on.

Knowing nothing else, and if you just wanted to get stuck in, it would depend on your budget, but personally, I would suggest at a minimum
A Next Implant
then if you wanted to combine shipping grab an

With these 2 implants and 3 chips, you have MOST situations covered.
Both are the small “easy” to install glass implants.

Then if your budget allows, A good addition to your shopping list, is a Proxmark3

NOW, you would be set up to read / write, interrogate, change ID’s and Emulation modes…

Anything after this would likely be case-specific…

That should be enough to get you started on your journey.

If you need more info, just sing out…

You also have the answer for the person who asks you “What do you want for Christmas?”

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