¨Which implant to get

I’m currently in the process of getting my first implant.
And I am sliightly confused with all the different types

I am looking into copying a card for a type of rental car that exists where I live. Mostly because I’m generally just fascinated by the whole idea and because it would make things so much easier.

I was able to scan the card with my phone and get a bunch of things. Technology probably being the most important one.
it got 4 IDs, hex and dec, both also reversed
Technologies: NfcA, MifareClassic, NdefFormatable
Mifare Classic type:Classic
1024 bytes
16 sectors
64 blocks

Just listing everything I’ve got.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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You’d need an XM1 but that doesn’t exist anymore. There is a flexM1 in development though - I’m not sure on the timeline/release of it.

Guess they are using old technology then? Makes sense, it’s not exactly a new thing and I imagine adjusting over 3000 vehicles just doesn’t go along with profit :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, not really keen on the flex ones. Might just end up having to drop this idea then.
Don’t really have other uses.

It’s not necessarily “old” but there was an issue where the supplier screwed up the chips and gave Amal bad ones. See xM1+ chip issue thread in DT info

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Just curious, but why is that?

Also the xM1+ had notorious range issues since the Chinese chips that do this are not that energy efficient… so some customers (including myself) had issues actually using the xM1+ with anything in the field. The flexM1, in contrast, deals with this problem extremely well, showing a performance at least 10x better than the xM1+.

To be fair, it is very old haha… but because it’s old and no longer considered secure (crypto1 is cracked), it is a very cheap chip to use… which perpetuates it’s use because, as you know, saving a $0.05 per card or tag is apparently much more important than actually using a secure technology.

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I’d agree with the sentiment that Flexes aren’t my favorite. I like them and all but install is way worse than an x series.


Ah, I see.
The range would definitely be an issue, yeah. Having to scan through a windscreen and all that.

And yes I’m not too keen on the flex ones because of the process to get them in. Using a injector is one thing. But making the pocket seems really not all that pleasant.

I’ll have to think a while about this in that case.
Any idea when the flexM1 would be available?

Thanks for all the replies.