Which implant to order?

Apologies if this isn’t the right area to post this question and double apologies of this is the 50,000th time this question has been asked.

But I am trying to figure out which kit to order.

I am trying to get an implant that I can clone my apartment fob into.

Fob is a schlage 9691T
Apartment door lock is a schlage FE410F
Building readers are honeywell OM41BHOND

coincidentally I also work at the building and have access to the software that manages the key fobs, if that helps.

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A version of that lock is what I have on my front door and it’ll read a huge variety of protocols. The fobs you have look like MiFare, but you can turn on others in the Allegiant app. I have added the LF and HF side of my NExT as keys assigned to me so no matter which side gets picked up first it works.

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Thanks! No chance any of the blinkies would work would they?

Well, it is the first time that YOU have asked. :wink:

But to answer your question…in a roundabout way, without @The13Beast comments above, I would have had a number of questions for you, But, now I know exactly what you are dealing with, it sounds like you are in THE best position possible.
To me, it sounds like you can choose “any” implant, and enroll it.

Were there any implants you were specifically considering?

If I was in your situation, (not knowing how good the read range was with an xSeries), I would go for a FlexM1
or if you are only after an xSeries, I would go with @The13Beast “reccomendation” of a NExT implant

I was just about to add FlexDF2 or xDF2 as alternatives and you posted…

If that’s what you want, I think there is a very good chance they will work.

@The13Beast has an xSIID, so MAYBE he could test it for you???

So you next big decision is, which colour?


Or why not ALL OF THEM???

giphy (15)

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Thanks! This is by far the most helpful community I’ve ever experienced so far.

Blue for now, but as soon as I find uses or excuses for more than one I will have all the stones.


I can try it out tonight and report back.

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I was a little late getting home last night for date night, but I tried it this morning and it worked with my Blue xSIID!

These are what I have for the accepted credential types.


I mean, that’s a good update and all, but you forgot to provide your address and UIDs.

Maybe in your next post huh? :wink:

Great news @PenitentTangent

bring on the blinkie