Which to pick based on described needs

I want to buy the Ultron Bundle but I’m not sure what to use for my needs, so I decided to ask the community.
Here’s a small list about what I want to do with my implant(s):

  • Add it to the UniFi Door Access system at the office
  • Use as an OTP device
  • Use as an U2F device
  • Use as a business card (If a phone read it give else information than a proxmark read it)
  • Use with xEM(Guess it must work with every implant, but describing)

The last 2 aren’t the most important, I’m focusing on the first 3 points, I know Spark 2 can work as OTP but as I know U2F works only with the flex which would be too expensive for me, because it isn’t in any bundle and I need the other things from the bundle too.

Should I buy the Ultron Bundle for these needs or is there another better way to satisfy my needs?

Spark 2 does not support otp. You would need an Apex if you want to use otp or u2f

If I know right Apex is in private beta right now and out of stock too, so this isn’t the way I want.
Correct me if I’m wrong or give a better solution.

VivoKey Apex Flex - RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products you can get them now if you want.

I use mine for otp, u2f, and unifi access. You can add a NDEF record for a business card. I also have my Tesla key on mine.

One implant to rule them all!


That is the only solution at this time. Apex is the only implant that does otp and u2f which is what you asked for.

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I agree with the other two

This is the only outlier, But do you have a specific use case for which you need an xEM Acess Controller ?

Yes I want to use it for motorbike start/stop system like Amal did in one of his videos.

There are HF equivalent that you can use instead, the exact same principle, but also compatible with the Apex.

Get yourself an Apex and we can talk you through the modification if you need a hand

The price seems too high. My top budget is 200€ which should contains xEM and KBR1(optional)

:man_shrugging: not sure what to tell you. The Apex is the only think that satisfies your required specs, but the Ultron bundle is the one that supports your budget.

Id say never cheap out on anything you plan on keeping forever. No cheap implants, tattoos, or plastic surgery. Those are the places you for sure want to spend the extra to make sure they are done right the first time.

I know most of the time the expensive is better, especially when we’re talking about implants, but I have a small salary, live in a dorm and things what comes with it.
If everyone says that Apex would be better than I’m gonna wait more and invest more money into my first implant.

xEM works on 125kHz but ApexFlex works on 13.56 MHz how is it possible to use my Apex with xEM?

it’s not.
But, I would suggest you look for an alternative.

It doesn’t matter what frequency you use for this, so just replace the 125kHz xEM Access Controller with a 13.56MHz alternative.

You have a number of choices.
You could buy off the shelf the HF equivalent of the xAC, like this.



If you are familiar with arduino, then you could make your own


A community member project

For the first time I tough you’re talking about a way to modify xEM, was askey myself why not an alternative. Now it’s clean.
Yes I’m very familiar with arduino, already have every component for the project, I didn’t think about it, I could use my Nano for this motor start stop thing.

Many thanks!

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