Which Transponder Right For Me

I am planning to get a transponder in both hands wondering which one would be right for me! I plan to use it mostly for unlocking doors to house, possibly car or to start bike! But also would like to maybe use them for possibly things like payments at terminals and such! Should i get the XEM or XNT or XM1 Plus? Is it possible to write multiple functions to the same transponder? Like House Door and car door or motorcycle start to one chip leaving other for terminal payments and such?

For access control, an xNT and an xEM would cover most of the stuff you are going to do.

With access control, the key/lock paradigm is reversed. Instead of having multiple copies of one key for a particular lock, you have one key and you enable that key to work with that lock. So you can use one implant work on multiple locks (assuming you have authority to add keys to the access control system).


So either implant would work for what I want to do? Was looking at mobile payments like looking a bank card to it like there are nfc bank cards

Please read the linked article in my previous post regarding payments.

Those two have different frequency, check your badge what frequency and what type it is and after search the type of implant you need.