Why wont my flexone work?

OK I was currently using the fidesmo application to destroy an applet in reinstall an applet now the NFC will not pick up on NFC pro tool or Google auth as well using my vivokey flexone. applet I hope I didn’t brickk it…is there anybody out there that can help?

OK what exactly happened was I was in the process of destroying in re installing a applet to the phideas Mo app but the darn phone slid off of contact wall doing this and the system hung to the point where I restarted the phone and know will not recognize anything I try to scan it with

Would this question be more appropriate on the
Vivokey Forum?
Also more chance somebody there can help you out?
In fairness there will be a few on here also…

Yeah, I’d post on the VivoKey forum. You’ll probably get more accurate information there. It’s private, so everyone on there is doing dev work with the chip. They’ll know what’s up.