Wiegand door control board for pi

also @amal if this is not allow just delete this post

i don’t know if anybody is interested
but still have a few boards that I’m not gonna use anymore if anyone is interested i can solder them and schip them to you at cost price

you can just pop this board on the pi :slight_smile:


Oh that’s cool. Does it covert the wiegand signal to RS232? or what kind of data is it sending to the pi?

That’s awesome


No it just takes the signal
From the reader

With the appropriate resistors:)

Is the pi capable of interpreting wiegand then?

Right now I have a couple of projects where the reader is wired to an RS232 converter and then I run serial into the pi for the logic, if the Pi could do Wiegand nativly that would be game changing heh.

You might want to look at this library.


i had this running directly to the pi
and this meant i also was able to open the door remotely via an app i have made

something to consider is the length of the cables the if they are too long if will sometimes flutter a bit

here I have a picture of an assembled one

its still a bit dirty from soldering

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This is very cool! I would definitely be interested in buying a couple of these boards off you. I’ll shoot you a message

I’ve got yours soldered :smiley:

also ive only got 2 more boards now

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oh hell yeah!