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@ChrisCollinsSrDotCom what differentiates your product from a popl xl that also has a qr code on it?

I don’t intend to answer for him but @Pilgrimsmaster asked a similar question. Here was the answer.


Sorry for delay, I was limited in my replies because I was new to the site…

An additional difference to add on to what has already been posted is that the XL and qrpop differ in size, the XL is 4 x 4 inches and restricted to use with only the company which sells it.

The qrpop is basically the size of a typical NFC sticker or tag and can be used to work with any web address or url you want making it a future resistant sharing device because of it’s agnostic ability.

This allows you to not be tied into one profile provider. You can buy a domin name for 12 bucks a year from Google and then you can always redirect your domain to any profile you want and share it using the same qrpop device.

Here is another big difference.

Most of the nfc profile providers require the product to be activated buy the profile holder. This means if I can’t write an nfc tag then the nfc tag and other products like it are not helpful to me.

QrPop is ready to be used right out of the box, no activation required. The owner of the device doesn’t need to activate the nfc or QR code, they just login if they want to make changes to the device sharing details.

Does this make sense to you?

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Makes complete sense :smile: thanks for the reply mate

You are welcome. Take care

So should I just add the links here to the companies to add to your list? I was gonna just send like 2or 3 max. There are to many to list.

That would work. Thank you.

There are so many companies doing this, here are just a few more. I have a long list with companies from all over the world. I had to stop at 3 .

From what I can tell the big difference is how the profile looks. Take care everyone.

It looks like a new Webpage with very little info on the website and some dead links.

A lot of “promises” but no substance.
No technical data
You cant even go to the store for pricing…

@nic Do you have any further Info.
What chips are the cards using?
Scan with TagInfo


What is the cost of the Card?
Is it subscription based?
What is the subscription fee?
Is it a one off fee?
What is the fee?


Some progress has been made on the webpage.
It is now for sale and a price provided

He descargado esta app gratuita que está para iOS y Android. Dappy app
Sirve para tener de forma muy visual todas tus RRSS, links…. En una web para que compres sus tags y la utilices, pero en lugar de sus tags yo he puesto la url en mi chip y funciona genial.
Muy recomendada.
Queda de esta forma cuando alguien pasa su móvil por mi mano por el NExT
Genera este link que se puede meter en el chip Dappy

Te indica las veces que se ha previsualizado esa página con un contador.
Ya me diréis si os gusta

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Blinq is the offering i use.

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I see they have NFC cards

Do you have any info on them?

Are you using their service with an implant?

Is it pretty straight forward? ie. There is a “HACK” to use POPLs

I just made one and was able to encode an NFC sticker using my iPhone easily without making any purchases on the site.


Can you rewrite /wipe the sticker?

I know I did a test with POPL to a sticker, and it locked it !

I sniffed the password with a Flipper and I was able to recover it, but, I would hate for somebody to lock an implant and not be able to, or know how to recover it.

I really should document my POPL experiment, and recovery there of.

I’m glad you tested with a sticker and not an implant

I would do the test myself, but dont have a
disposable card/fob/sticker with me at the moment

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Great question. Just scanned it, no password. Attempted to write a new record, and had no issues.

So it seems like the app behaves nicely (as of this writing).


Cheers for checking :+1:

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I’ll at least leave this here as some form of interim Public Safety Announcement

Always \ use \ a \ test \ card \ BEFORE \ writing \ to \ an \ implant

POPL usage

Generate a URL and write THAT to your implant, this is the safest option and it works.

DO NOT use the write to a POPL card function
it will write a password to your implant, and will take some tools and knowledge to remove it.


Nope super straight forward. Setup a free account, generate a URL. Wrote the URL to my implant with NFC tools.

I never messed with their cards.

I can change my card around as much as I want. I use my Xsiid as my business card. On Blinq I made a second profile that has personal info also and I swap between the two