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Xiaomi MI 8 works great with my NeXT, antenna seems to be in the same place as the fingerprint reader (located in the back of the device)

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Samsung Galaxy S10e can be finicky with the xNT while a case is on, but works great without one

Wanted to update my previous comment stating the ulefone armoire 3 and 4 worked and the best location and orientation is having the chip vertical up and below the camera by about an inch. It seems all ulefone’s I’ve experienced so far read best at the top 1/4 of the phone. I was also going to ask if anyone with a pixel 4a could chime in as I’m thinking about upgrading my phone as it’s quite a bit old now.


Thanks for that, I have updated the info…even though I hated spelling Armour :shield: incorrectly :wink:

I’ve updated my comment to follow your spelling conventions :wink: now onto hoping someone with the phone I’m looking at also has an implant and posts that it works. Otherwise this dude is masking up and bribing an att employee so I can run around the store testing every phone and taking notes like a madman for the forum


I get best results with my Samsung S9 when lining the chip up with these two lines on the back of the phone - conveniently, that lets you use your index metacarpal against the edge of the device as a reference if you’ve got the chip nearby.


Implante next en izquierda y spark 2 en derecha, los dos con informacion de contacto y he aprendido una cosa, no se el motivo pero es asi, si escaneo con samsung, spark;si es huawei con next, es dificil el next con samsung, sera por nfc2 y spark tipo4?

Getting the weirdest result with my phone / case combination

iPhone XR
Otter box defender pro
(A plastic inner frame with a silicone outer cover)

My nfc chips aren’t reading with the silicone cover on, but if I take it off and leave the inner plastic frame it reads easily

I know… your going to say the silicone is adding too much distance and absorbing the rf right?

Well my Xsiid lights up great thru the silicone
It’s like it’s not blocking it, more like scrambling it a bit

I use to keep my iPhone X naked but recently added a leather case. Makes the orientation I have to read my xNT completely different. Possibly unrelated but

Here’s an example
Not really a complaint, it’s just weird is all

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Blackviews S U C K for NFC performance. Can’t get any read on my Flex One at all. Currently exploring a coil to boost signal.

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Sony Xperia XA1 Plus works perfectly with the HF side of the NExT.

While I tend to center the NFC Forum logo for regular tags, the best performance with x-series implants seem to be achieved if you go above the NFC Forum logo, around the same level as the LED.


You’ll want to make sure that x-series chip will end up being vertical to ensure good coupling, which means that it will look something like this:


(Only tested without a case.)


Great post, very informative, I have just updated the wiki and linked it back to your post :+1:

You can add the Google Pixel 4a to the list too, it reads very well. The best orientation I’ve found is the tag vertical, just below the finger print reader. I get super consistent reads and writes with a thicker case, and it even lights my xSIID super bright.

Google-Pixel-4a-back-standing-stright-1200x675 (1)
At least with a spigen Tough Armor case, this was the only orientation I found that really works, but it’s effective.


Done, thanks, linked :+1:


Huawei P20 works pretty well with x-series from the left-hand-side. You hook your fingers around the top, so the joint between your fingers and palm is nestled in the corner, and lay your thumb against the back of the phone. I usually get a read within a second.


Good info, picture and description.
I have updated the wiki and linked to your post above.

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LG Velvet 5G

I tested read range by layering cards and paper on the back and trying to read through it.
Results are:
3 cards = thickness of about 2 mm

at the 2mm thickness i get some reads but not great

i tried 2.5 mm and i got reads but very inconsistently. id move my hand around the same spot as before and it only read about 20% of the time or less. For consistent results id say 1.5mm is most ideal

reason for the inconsistency seems to be timing. i got out my x field detector and turns out that the phone sends 3 weak pulses and then 1 stronger one. pulses seem to be at an interval of .58 seconds measured with a stopwatch. even knowing that though, more than 1.5mm is very difficult

if there’s anyone making a spreadsheet of phones, here’s all the info:


Name: LG Velvet 5G
Carrier (if it matters): AT&T
Tested with: NExT
pulse pattern: 3 weak 1 strong
Pulse speed on home screen: 0.5 to 0.6 sec between pulses
pulse speed on taginfo: ~ 0.2 sec between pulses
does not check nfc when screen is off.
ideal max read range: 0 to ~1.5mm
absolute max range: ~2.4mm

@Pilgrimsmaster mind adding this info?


Done and moved and here we are, thanks.:+1: