Will Amazon RFID Copiers work on a HID 0009Y 125khz card?

I am not sure but that is what the seller said were 125khz tags. I have the photos attached here. I’ve tried writing to it but I just get write failed messages on my cloner. I can read my HID tag but attempting to write it doesn’t work. I’ve tried cloning the HF cards that were included and they seemed to work fine. I don’t have any other LF cards/fobs to try other than my HID card.

Either return it, or rip it open and show us what the coil looks like :man_shrugging:t2:

Here’s what it looks like on the inside if this helps.

Would a proxmark3 work or is it incompatible with my cards?

it’s hard to see how think that antenna is, but I’ll looks like a lot of turns.
I think it actually is LF BUT can you try an HF write to it, I’m pretty sure it will fail.

What is your end goal?
What do you want to write to?

What I would suggest is, If you are trying to write to one of those blue fobs, let us know what city you are located in, and somebody here may be able to write to it using their proxmark

So long as they are not faulty

Yea the HF write failed. I’m just trying to write to any card or fob and maybe a ring but the goal for now is to get a proof of concept done so I don’t end up spending too much money. I am in santa cruz so I don’t think there’s too many people around who could help.

You would be surprised, there are some Californians here.

You could simply throw it in the post…even somewhere else in the states.
Would that be of interest to you?

Honestly yea I would be down but the problem is the fact that I need my ID card at all times so it’s going to be very difficult unless I give the person the ID number that shows up on my cheap cloner and they could use their 125khz cards and send it back to me. Or the alternative is that they send their proxmark but I’m probably going to write that off as too inconvenient for most people.

One more alternative is they also write a random HID card info to another fob and hope that allows you to write to it yourself after that.

Infact if you send them all your fobs, they could do an EM, HZID, Awid, etc

Hopefully somebody more convenient (in the US) can jump in and offer you some help.

I’ll give it a couple of days, and if nobody else does, I’ll send you some pre-written cards/fobs but delivery will be slow from NZ

It could be that the fobs are not writable… just read only. Can you read them with the cloner?

Yea that would be nice as I’m going to return the amazon copier I received.

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That was the problem the cloner doesn’t detect them at all.

We go to the same university with a mixture of HID and Onity locks. I was able to clone my 0009y chip to get building access but had no luck with the Onity locks as they seem to use a specific magnetic stripe I don’t know of.