Will an NTAG216 interfere with a compass?

I am scheduled to get implanted in a few days. Can anyone tell me if an NTAG216 in the thumb web will interfere with the use of a lensatic (sighting) compass? I regularly teach orienteering and would hate for it to cause a problem. I am getting an xG3 implanted in my left ring finger, and will keep that hand away from compasses, but wanted to get the chip in my right hand. If there expected interaction, I will then get it in my left thumb web instead.

On a side note, I am getting implanted on company time. I work for the Montana Science Center, mainly a children’s museum, but we have started our adult events; MSC After Dark. This month is a discussion on transhumanism and my implant. I am going to try to live cast it on facebook if anyone wants to join in.


Nothing magnetic in it afaik so nope :wink:

So cool!

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Well… kinda. There is a ferrite rod in the antenna, and if that rod becomes slightly magnetized by messing around with a magnet (you can stick a powerful enough magnet to the xNT), then you can possibly see an impact on the compass needle position if held very close to the implant site.


Hot Diggity! Thank you @Satur9. That was so much more information than I expected. I truly appreciate it. So excited to become part of this community.

The event where I will be getting the implants is this Thursday (July 28, 2022) 6:30-8pm Mountain time. I will try to have a live FB feed going for the Montana Science Center page.

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No problem mate. Make sure you post a link for those of us that don’t have Facebook