Will the xm1 and vivokey interfere with each other?

Hi, I was going to put an NeXT in my right had in L0, and I wanted to put the vivokey and xm1 in my left hand, and was wondering if I could put both of them in L0 without them interfering with each other, and if they do where would you suggest putting it for ease of access alongside not being visible.

p.s. Also any tips to avoid migration of the chips, that would be very helpful, that you.

The xMagic and xM1 and Apex are all ISO14443A chips. They do support anti-collision features which allow all of them to be in the field at once.


None of the readers you present them to will have backend software that knows jack shit about handling this scenario. Every single thing will be able to see multiple chips in the field, but every single thing will only try to talk to the first one it sees and ignore the others.

So… interfere? No. Make them unusable? Yes.


It’s just the xM1 and VivoKey spark 2, they have the same frequency, so they would interfere with each other, so what would be a good spot to put the VivoKey spark 2 to have it concealed yet assessable?

Hey buddy, you might need to re-read what Amal answered above.

just to add a couple of points

xM1 is out of stock, unless you have an old one :man_shrugging:
xM1 = High Frequency (HF)
Spark 2 = HF
xMagic = HF AND Low Frequency

What Amal is saying here is, it is very difficult to target a specific implants with a reader when 2 or more implant of the “same frequency” (same protocol ie. ISO14443-A) are in very close proximity to each other.

so YES you can put them next to each other, but your reader will “decide” which one it reads first.

Best practice is to seperate them by distance / orientation / plane.

Right would be R0 = (P0 R)
Left would be L0 = (P0 L)

If this is the collection you are going with

Spark 2

Do you have a specific use case for them?

Anyway, heres my suggestion for the discretion you are going for, but in reality, it will depend on what you are trying to use them for and how fat your hands are or conversly how vascular your hands are

xM1 Unavailable

xMagic P0 L

Spark 2 - I have a couple of ideas for this, but first, I need some more info; how do you plan to use this?

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I have an old xm1 that is still sealed that I’ve had for a while and is still sealed and sterile. I would love to get the xmagic but sadly not in my budget to upgrade it at the moment. I plan on using the VivoKey app and use it for login and maybe portable identification or business cards or résumé if possible. I’ve had them a while and hadn’t had a chance to implant them and am just now getting it done.


No problem

Before the xMagic was available, I had both an xM1 and xEM side by side in my P0 L (>5mm apart)

Can your budget stretch to an xEM?

Alternatively later next month, There COULD be a Cyborg sale, around American Thanks Giving :turkey: you might be able to pick up an xMagic

the easiest way to do this, is with links.
Definitely possible.

obviously you want to be able to use your phone (or others)

Are you right or left handed?

I’m right handed, which is why I was originally going to put the NeXT in my right hand, unless you think it would be more beneficial in my left hand.

You’ll find, being right handed, using on readers, Right hand is slightly better, reading with phone, left is better (subjective of course)

so if you want NExT,

xM1 + xEM 1 P0 L

Spark 2 - If you have fat or vascular hands, you should be able to easily hide a Spark 2 on the back of your hands. P1 - P5

Personally have my Spark in P11 L

It works well there for me.
Just be warned :warning: I would call the P11 position “advanced” .
What I mean by that is, get a pro to install it there.

Thank you, any tips on keeping it from migrating too much, did the NeXT today, next week I plan on installing the xm1. For the first few minutes after installing I felt close to passing out, but feel good now.


or would you like a free upgrade?


I wouldn’t mind upgrading it, since I would’ve if I could since it would offer more versatility.

Reply to your xM1 order confirmation email and send the link to this thread and we’ll figure something out.

xMagic in now, a lot easier this time, but man it still hurt when the needle went in, my numbing agent that I had on hand did absolutely nothing for it, so I’d definitely recommend the one offered by dt.

What was the Brand of the numbing gel?