Will these work?

So, I have been a long time lurker, and have been wanting to get some implants because that sounds awesome. I want to be able to do a very wide variety of things, such as make them work with phones, (NFC, HF) work with hotel doors (Magic M1, LF), and the like. I was considering getting a flexMN, and something to do nfc for my other hand. Any recommendations on the nfc one I should get? In addition, how much would this cover? In other words, how likely am I to encounter a card, or key that I cant emulate? I want to pair it with a proxmark, and Im hoping that should give me the ability to “be” anything. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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flexM1 gen2.
One chip cant be anything, the flexMN with a öroxmark can ve wuite a few HF implants tho.
The Apex will be able to emulate some too.

Kinda likely, especially with secure chips. FlexMN with LF side and a flexM1 will cover many things tho’.

Apex is a must anyway.

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Don’t we all?

That is pretty much HF implants in a nutshell :peanuts:
I am guessing you are wanting to use NDEF for sharing / storing information

Due to what you say down there :arrow_down_small: I assume you are talking about getting a FlexMN with the EM option?

FlexM1 and LF ( EM/ T5577 ) you have covered many bases and stacked the odds in your favour. Obviously some places still use physical keys, Barcode, EMV, But if it is a “standard” RFID card your FlexM1 and / with EM, your chances are “good”

This will depend, A LOT of people on here love the blinkies, So they may suggest XSIID, Some like security so they may suggest DESFire implants, but if you are more wanting a “dedicated” NDEF for which you will want “easy” read and writes with yours/others phones maybe a FlexNT, but you could also get a FlexDF and format it for NDEF, so you will have larger memory to write to.

Hmmm, I know what you are asking, and wanting to hear, but it really depends on a few things.
Where you live and where you go, For example, some countries have more prevalent use of certain systems, some are very eclectic. If you always stay at a certain Hotel chain, and they all use a specific technology and you have a compatible implant then your odds are higher that you will able to continue use your implant. For what you will discover out in the wild, as I said above " You have stacked the odds in your favour"
My suggestion would be, start to take notice of the ones you encounter and make a list, then find an implant(s) that will cover these things.

Would you be happy with a “be a good number of things”?

As you can see I really didn’t answer any of your questions above, it “normally” comes down to specific use cases and people “normally” have a specific use and get a specific implant, and you are wanting to get a couple of implants to do everything, and I totally get that and there is nothing wrong with that.
I will offer these two extra things for you to think about before giving you a list of implants to consider.

What format would you be happy to implant?

Emulation and Cloning are similar yet still different things
BASICALLY: ( this is VERY rough and ready “definition” )
Cloning = copying and write UID of a card onto your implant
Emulating = Changing your implant to be the same “type” as what you want to copy…

For example
The T5577 ( in the xEM, NExT, FlexEM etc ) can emulate many different chips AND you can clone another card’s UID
The S50 magic chip ( xM1, FlexM1 ) cannot emulate other types of chips, BUT you can change the UID ( Technically NUID, but unimportant for this here )
The FlexMN which is basically the HF version of the T5577

The Proxmark is more of a True Emulator, but not exactly easily implantable :wink:

FlexMN ( HF access to a large number of HF Systems )
FlexEM ( LF access to most LF systems ) only required to buy separately if you don’t get the FlexMN with the optional included FlexEM also.
FlexM1 ( HF access to a more common number of HF Systems and the FlexMN cant emulate )
FlexNT ( gives you a “dedicated NDEF” implant better read range for sharing / writing your info to / from phones )

This list is totally MY opinion and there are other ways of achieving what you sound like you are after.

When the VivoKey Apex line is out you could add that, as it will be capable of emulating a variety of other chips HOWEVER the UID is NOT changeable, so you could emulate another card, you would have to enroll it into the specific system you are trying to access.

I hope that all makes sense to you, like I say others may have different opinions / options, But that is how I would approach your situation


Wow, @Pilgrimsmaster!

You sure got inspired!! :grin:

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