Windows: Getting set up to read and clone chips?

So how do I get started? I searched, but I have failed, my master.

I know some (VERY LITTLE) about RFID in general, mostly just enough to just stab one under my flesh (with three more to follow), but how do I get started with Windows. I can do Linux I just haven’t really chosen to, so if it’ll end up being that much easier, lemme know and I’ll look at switching.

But I have the KBR, and I ordered the recommended Proxmark clone, but wanna start understanding it before it arrives. Any pointers to existing guides and recommended tools are appreciated! Thanks as ever!!!

here’s some good grounding Info, Read all the information and watch the video

KBR1 is just plug and play, nothing to read, nothing to learn.

Here is a couple
@Compgeek one is better than mine

Whilst you wait for your Proxmark Easy??? you could install the software that they provided / linked to, or go to the github and find what you want

This is a helpful little video

There is a Proxmark Forum, some pretty in-depth knowledge there if you ever get stuck, Just make sure you search before you ask…look for any posts that Iceman answers, and take them as fact
( He’s the man )

Also, this is a really good thread created by @identity


Thank you very much as ever! Off to read I go! :slight_smile:

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If you wanted another video, I know I said the KBR1 is Plug in play, But here is an example


I should be clear, I get that the KBR is a HID device, but it would still be nice (assuming it can) to use it for basic read functions in software implementations to do the read commands. Perhaps it’s not really what the software is expecting though, that is, maybe it expects to talk to a Proxmark or equivalent device.

The KBR is only a HID you would need a serial reader or PM etc to do additional things.


Ahhh, ok. :slight_smile:

I was under the assumption that perhaps I could use it to interact with the software I will eventually use with the PM. Ok, cool, thank you again, @leumas95 and @Pilgrimsmaster! You guys are great!!!


If you have trouble getting your Proxmark3 Easy to flash or confused about the whole pull/compile process, I put an easy little guide here:

PM3 Easy - Easy Windows 10 Firmware Flashing Guide


Thank you kindly! I will read that too!!!

@ncc74656 - if you’re looking to get your PM3 RDV4 flashed, up and running quickly, you might be interested in looking at the pre-built/pre-compiled binaries of the Flash. I used the RRG Iceman Flash x64 file. Save me a ton of time to get my PM3 go-live.

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Sadly it’s not the RDV4, it’s the cheaper clone of the lower end unit that’s like $30 on Aliexpress. But I think I also asked for it preflashed with Iceman. I could be wrong, but just a possibility.

Yeah, that will be the ProxMark3 Easy.
Somebody else bought on and asked for the iceman flash, but it arrived without it. it was on the factory 2.0.
Nothing wrong with that, but the YouTube video I gave you above from PiSwords will be a good reference for you to reflash id you need to.

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I half expected that anyway, lol. Ain’t nobody got time for flashing.

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The preflashing seems useless, you still need the client and if you’re going to set up the client correctly flashing it’s easy, especially because the versions need to match. Unless it comes with the client but do you really want to install an unknown like that.


Yeah, no, lol. I’ll reflash once it arrives. :smiley:

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FWIW, you’ll still need the matching client EXE on your Windows PC still.

The RRG Iceman pre-compiled flash guidance link I shared above comes with “FLASH - ALL.bat” file that flashes the PM3 RDV4 as well as unpacks the win64 directory with the proxmark3.exe. With that said, all I have is the PM3 RDV4 and not sure whether this is applicable to the non RDV4 clones.