Windows NFC content?

This is also strange behavior… it only triggers on specific ndef data… seems extremely arbitrary.

Lame thing is, it seems to block access to the tag on PC/SC CCID readers by any other software package when Windows decides it wants to prompt the user about content. So strange.


I might need one of those. Would be useful sometimes. Would be nice to have a switch to change between reading UID and/or ndef data. Does it read the UID when the computer is locked or within a note, or does it only try to read the ndef data?

It’s a CCID reader so it doesn’t work at all like the kbr1… the UID is read I’m sure but only as part of the iso14443a protocol… You’d need software of some kind to do anything with it.

Ok, I realize now how ignorant that question was. Both devices were programed to do completely different things. I guess it’s the lack of understanding. I should have realized each reader does and what the use-case is first. Thanks for explaining, I know it should have been obvious. lol Oops.

Meh no problem at all. Questions are opportunities for future visitors to learn :slight_smile: