Wondering what chip I should get

So I want chip or two that does a little of everything like opening my car sending people to websites unlocking my at work instead of using the key card idk I if any of y’all have any suggestions of and having my password for all my accounts

This forum is FULL of that same question.
even a faq that answers the same question for you.

We need more info to help you out.

Websites is easy, any NFC implant will do that.

What system do you have in your car…if any?

What key card access system does your work use ( easiest first step is scan your work card/fob with TagInfo app by NXP
If it doesn’t give you results, that is still good info )

Passwords, there are a couple of ways you can do that, but easier to include that in your other reccomendations when you give us some more detail.