Work don't like my chip

So how did it turn out?

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I’m still waiting to hear anything. No news is usually good news but in this organisation it doesn’t mean anything.

It’s likely that I’m kind of bottom of the pile in terms of director level stuff to deal with and they’ll get to me eventually.

As soon as I hear anything I’ll post it on this thread.


Ok, thanks.

Curious how it turns out.

Good luck!!

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Any word?


My case is currently under review by the internal department responsible for investigating breach of policy. The equivalent of Internal Affairs.

It doesn’t look hopeful.

Do you have any sort of representation?
Union? employment lawyer?

Have you found any wording in your contract that you can use to defend yourself?

I don’t want to put too much up on here in case it is used against me. It wouldn’t take a lot to figure out this is the main forum for those of us with implants.

I do have a Union I can turn to. At this stage I’m just waiting to see what they come up with after their investigation. Once I know what they are planning I’ll have a better idea of how to mount a defence.

Nothing happens quickly, it’s been 5 weeks already and I only found out a couple of days ago that a formal investigation is being conducted.

I imagine it will be a few more weeks yet.


Sorry to hear it’s taken this turn.

I was hoping it’d just faded away.
Have been wondering what happened.

I hope they’ll be reasonable in the end and it turns out ok.

Thanks for keeping us posted. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Any updates?

Don’t wanna poke the bear, but have been curious how it turned out.


Im not OP obviously but wanted to share the other side of the coin. Ive had my implants for a long time recently work installed an access system that required cards rather than a code. I tested it and to my delight i could clone it so i dif (better to ask forgivness than permission)

Once i figured out the sweet spot i loved it. 3 weeks ago i showed the guy inchatge of security it and well friday i noticed a tell tale crescent cut on his hand in P0 …


You should walk up to him and say “I see you also like to live dangerously” in your best Austin Powers voice.


Curious as to how this is going / went!?


I’ve kind of been left in limbo.

I’ve heard nothing more about it but know it sits with the conduct investigations team.

It looks like they are going to put it in the too hard basket. I can’t use it otherwise I’ll be disobeying a lawful instruction, one day I may (or may not) find out if I did anything wrong but I don’t expect them to change any policy or procedure to allow it’s use.

Whilst they are quick to punish me for its use they are hiring heads of cybersecurity but pay no attention to access card security and other massively obvious cybersecurity issues.

I even told them I have access to most of my colleagues usernames and passwords but they just ignored that. I think it was too scary for them.


Thanks for the update.

Middle of the road solution.
Glad it’s worked out as well as it has.

Too bad they’re hiding their heads.

the most practical approach to security, just look the other way :slight_smile: