Worried about NExT implant position


I just had my first implant installed (NExT) and I’m questioning the positioning. It is sitting a little too far back I think, almost on top of my thumbs top tendon and it seems to roll back and forth over it if I try. Should I consider getting this implant removed or should I wait and see how it goes? I get reads just fine and nothing about it seems painful yet.

I got this implant put in by a professional piercer that I know/trust well and has put two other holes in my body. This was however his first go at a dangerous things install.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you all for the awesome community!!

I’m not the world’s biggest expert on this. If it’s far enough away from any bones (~5mm), and it isn’t causing any issues with pain or your thumb’s range of motion, it’s probably okay.

Just in case, you might want to get an x-ray.

Thanks for the reply

It does feel a bit of it is sitting on top of the back of the thumb but it can kind of push away when pressed on.

If I were go guess, this is where is is at.


I’ll probably get an X-ray here soon.

Thank you again my friend.

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Once the hole is more healed up, you can push the implant more towards it if you need to. Mine was buried super deep to where reads were probably always going to be a problem, and a few days after I got it, I pushed it closer to the hole. It hurt, but now I’m happy with the positioning

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I was going to echo this. I haven’t had to migrate any of my implants, but it can be done. I’d also reference this post by @amal.

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My NExT was sitting over my pinky tendon, and after roughly a month, it settled in the P3 position nicely. I think the moving tendon king of helped it migrate to a better position. There’s a chance yours might do the same, or like the others said, you can move it, might use toothpicks to keep it in place and what not.

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Thank you all for the replies

I tried to move it right after install and it wouldn’t budge but I’ll keep trying it as it’s not hurting me.

For now I have a q-tip taped down at the end closet to the wrist and it’s seeming to hold/push it slightly forward toward the correct positioning.

I’ll keep this thread updated with what works for me


Just to add some nuance here, unless there was a safety or range of motion or pain reason to move your implant, I wouldn’t bother. There is a big risk of basically creating a situation where your implant will then always be migrating. When you install an x-series made with transponder bioglass, the glass is not fully and completely inert. The glass actually elicits a very low level response from the body which prompts the body to encapsulate the glass. You don’t want something that’s absolutely undetectable by the body because then it won’t encapsulate it, and it will just move freely in the fascia tissue. However, it’s the act of implantation… the damage that this does to tissue, this is what prompts the body to respond. After the healing process has been working its magic for some time, if you push the implant around or otherwise disrupt the encapsulation process there’s a good chance your body just won’t bother and you will end up with a migration issue.

That said, of course, if there is a problem with position like being over a bone or restricting range of motion or causing pain, then it’s worth attempting. Otherwise I would just leave it alone.


I appreciate the response

When I flex my hand to try to expose it, I can see it very clearly and there could be a chance I hit my hand real hard on the back and slam it against the bone.

This picture here shows both how I can push it up and where I have a q-tip pushing it forward a little so it doesn’t roll back over the tendon. When it does roll over the tendon, it doesn’t hurt but I’m worried all the movement will cause the situation you described above.

I’ll just be keeping an eye on it and if it starts causing any problems I’ll probably just take it out and try again.