Worst implantation stories?

I just wanna hear the fun stories you’ve had while getting implanted or implanting someone else.

I for one passed out and then puked 7 times after I self implanted the xSIID in my right arm.

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I like the idea!
Ouch! That’s a fun install haha
My first install was an xSIID. Searched quite a large area and talked to every tattoo or bod mod artists and was rejected every time. Went to a bar I started going to after I’d get out of school and asked the bartender if he’d do it. 15 minutes of tutorial and he jabbed the needle in P0 til it hit a bone and pressed the plunger. Then spent what felt like an hour hunched over the bar with the vasovagal shit. Could never get a read on it afterwards, not sure if it’s too deep, or if it stuck to the plunger. Ended up getting a new xSIID implanted in the same location by a piercer that works extremely well.
My first self install went sideways too. Got a little too drunk and didn’t want to wait on an opportunity to drive a car distance to the pro who installed my other implants, so I decided to self install an xG3 in the knife edge. Spent 15-20 minutes trying to push the needle through the tougher skin and was barely able to push the needle in enough to implant, but then it popped back out because there wasn’t enough room. Drunk self install is not a good idea for multiple reasons. I basically said “5 second” rule and reloaded the injector and went for it again in the P1 location. Somehow, nothing went wrong in terms of infections.
Since my piss poor decisions, I have learned how to self install x series properly, and know when I need a pro. Still searching for a pro in the Kansas City region for flexies though if anyone’s got a hook up. I want an Apex at some point and I know from my failed flexMT self install turned pro install that I can’t do it myself lol

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My very first was also a self install back in the day of gold plated Chinese magnets, sadly I lost the video.
I was installing with my left hand into my right index and it took a while but went relatively ok. Over the couple weeks that followed the wound never closed, it turned all kinds of colors and was quite sensitive.
Despite clearly rejecting (which I wasn’t sure of at the time) I got some sensing and that got me hooked.
One day I was handling keys and wasn’t wearing a band aid for some reason. The magnet stuck to a key through the now small but very much infected hole pinching some nerves in the process. I broke my arm once and the pain wasn’t even comparable. My ears were ringing and I was paralyzed until I managed to get the key off. The magnet was now showing through the hole. I remember pushing it back in, getting home and taking it out.
It was a miserable experience but being able to sense for the first time was worth it.
I waited 2or 3 long years before Cassox sold some online which I got a couple of (one is in the same exact location) and I have them to this day :grin:

I think it’s good to have one of these experiences. They are far from life threatening and really take the edge off installs, making you more confident, experienced and calm. If I had never failed one I would stress out every time.


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I’ve had quite a few different magnets in my tragus, switching them out for testing a wireless earbud project. I was trying to get an xG3v1 removed and replaced with an xG3v2. Unfortunately I got one from before they were released just straight off a shelf and sent to me by Amal, and it wasn’t labelled differently. Somehow I mixed it up with other stock that I had and had my bodymod artist take out an xG3v1 just to put in another xG3v1. I only found out after it healed and I was testing.

Had to go back and get it switched out again again :sweat_smile: