Would it be worth it to get both the Apex Flex AND the flexDF2? I've heard amazing things about the DESFire chip but don't know if it'd be redundant

Good info because maybe you wants to have some Info separated.

No definitive answer, but FREQUENTLY Hotels use the older Mifare Classic ( xM1 , Flex M1 ) but Tubes/ public Transport etc are OFTEN DesFire, ( xDF2, FlexDF s ) The “Problem” with Desfire from our point of view is you cant change the UID and it’s not simple to just enroll it.

However there are some Transport systems that still use Mifare classic, it is just a matter of luck, and even if they have upgraded their system, they may still support their older system eg Oyster Cards in UK

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How to enable privacy mode for Desfire EV2?

You’ll have to get that from the data sheet. I’m pretty sure the privacy mode information is in the folded if sheet which I think is protected by NDA.