Would the EM work with my cards?

Just bought 2 xEM with the kit and a 532 reader/writer but the only cards I can read with it are the ones that came with the reader.
I have one card for a parking lot, one for the office and one for the gym, I can read all of them in all 3 places, actually bought a cheap usb reader that can read them without problem (but can’t read the ones that came with the 532)
I know all these cards are 125khz and the usb reader gives me codes like these:

The question is: How can I copy just one of these cards into the xEM ATA5577??
Will I Need a proxmark?
Is there something like the blue reader you used to sell that will work with these cards??

Your help is much appreciated before I stick this humongous needle in my hand

The 532 is an NFC high frequency (13.56mHz) reader. It will not read xEM or any low frequency tag.

Reading the tags still in the injector is very hit or miss. It can be done but I would not try to clone one still in the injector.

This has a lot of info you need

I have a proxmark now and the xEM is already in my hand, been using it for a long time and in most places they’ve been cool enough to add my number to their system, but the parking lot won’t do it, with the proxmark I get something like this:

lf search -u
Checking for known tags:

EM410x pattern found

EM TAG ID : 51002F751C

Possible de-scramble patterns
Unique TAG ID : 8A00F4AE38
HoneyWell IdentKey {
DEZ 8 : 03110172
DEZ 10 : 0003110172
DEZ 5.5 : 00047.29980
DEZ 3.5A : 081.29980
DEZ 3.5B : 000.29980
DEZ 3.5C : 047.29980
DEZ 14/IK2 : 00347895461148
DEZ 15/IK3 : 000592721522232
DEZ 20/ZK : 08100000150410140308
Other : 29980_047_03110172
Pattern Paxton : 1363391260 [0x5143B31C]
Pattern 1 : 2085918 [0x1FD41E]
Pattern Sebury : 29980 47 3110172 [0x751C 0x2F 0x2F751C]
And as far as I understand that, I’ve used the lf t55xx to try and copy the information to the em, but the numbers keep changing.
Is there a list of commands I can follow to clone this with the proxmark??


This guy seems to indicate that the HoneyWell IdentKey is nothing fancy… just an EM4100?

Anyway that guy copies one to a T5577 so it seems to be possible?

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