Would the side of the thigh be a good place to implant a tag?

My thinking is my hand is very skinny, and I tend to abuse them a lot. I still plan on getting implants in my hand, likely for RFID. But I’d like to put an NFC tag on the outside of my left thigh. Low enough so that my has no chance to read it from in my pocket. But high enough so that I could just reach down to read it. I feel like the front of my thigh could potentially be a hazardous spot but I don’t think the side gets bumped to often and I have more cushion in my thighs than almost anywhere else on my body. Any others suggestions I will consider as well, thank you all for being so supportive as well:)

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Definitely not a common location, I have no experience with that at all, but I think ???@Satur9 mentioned something a while ago, about more bleeding, which is where I got the info from that I put in the Beginners guide Wiki.
Maybe he has so.e more info for you.
Here is the quote below…

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How skinny, exactly? I’m 6’5", 150lbs and was able to implant in my hand just fine.

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I think you’ll be fine doing an install with a glass tag in the thigh. There is more bleeding, but that’s more of a concern with the flex form factor where the incision is larger. You might want to purchase an elastic wrap for after-care to wrap around your leg and apply pressure to the bandage. As you move around it’s going to take longer to properly clot, but you should be okay.

The side of the thigh should be fine from a crush perspective, because no matter how skinny you are there’s going to be enough muscle in the way to prevent the femur from coming into play. I would be careful of blood vessels.

I would say shins are a no go, and calves are a bad idea, but I’m not a medical professional.

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Hmm, I could likely handle more bleeding. Unless he meant like a problematic amount of blood. Surely it will be more painful i would think. I have had some ink done on my thigh and it wasn’t the most pleasant thing.

I’m 5’9" at roughly 130lbs. My 5th metacarpal was broken and healed improperly. So I have a bit of bone sticking out farther than it should. This is preventing me from implanting on that side of my hand unfortunately

I’ve got some extra exercise bands laying around you think that would do it?

I think trying to get a reliable read through pants might make it a bit more difficult, but I cant see a problem with it

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What’s your application for it?

Yea that’s the only thing I thought might be an issue

Unless it’s behind your pocket…
don’t put it where you normally keep your phone, it will be reading it all the time.

But you could take other people phones, put it in your pocket then pull it out and say “Here is my business card”

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This would be a fantastic magic trick lol.

Well If you put it to the contacts then you can directly unlock most phones fro. there without password which h would be a good trick.

I always forget that certain chip types would do just fine in the leg… temperature sensors for example and even VivoKey backup chips… I’ll probably put a backup Apex in the ol’ leg once they’re available.


For certain applications the leg seems to be a better location, for me at least. If you’re using a tag as an entry card you might want it in your hand or forearm so that you/tag can go to the reader. But for other applications such as sharing contact info with a phone, the leg might be better. I’d prefer to keep as many tags out of my hand as I can. Hell it would be cool to put a tag directly under my sternum (not behind lol).

My terminology might not be up to par but, if the tag has to go to the reader, hand seems like the best option. But if the reader can go to the tag i feel like this opens up the playing field quiet a bit.

Haha! This is exactly why I was thinking of getting the next/spark2 bundle. backup in the leg and then an apex in the arm when it comes out

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Waiting patiently for my spark 2/next(first implants). Any details about leg locations on the thigh to implant? Anyone completed that? Figuring in a location with the least flexing maybe 2/3 way down the thigh on the outside.

I wouldn’t worry too much about flexing… Think about all the small movements in your hand - and that’s where most of us have our implants. A big, broad, muscle like in your upper leg is going to be fine. Remember, the implant itself is just beneath the skin, sitting on top of everything else.

I think the spot you’ve got in mind works great. And this thread has me rethinking things too - the idea of chips intended for phone use, where the reader is brought to the chip, make a lot of sense in spots other than the hand.

That’s reassuring. I’m 6’3" and around 190 lbs, so I’m guessing I should be ok with a couple implants in each hand without a big issue. yay!

I imagine migration would be a fairly large concern in the leg while its healing though