Write something to the Ntag216

I’m a complete newbie, and like to learn by doing. I have PM3 easy and ntag216. How do a write to/store anything on this tag? I’ve searched and tried to find a guide or something, but no avail. I’m also a bit weary about destroying anything on the tag. I just want to achieve writing something to it, which can be read back. Anyone got some pointers?

Hi, I have to be honest with you, I’ve never used the PM3 easy to write to the Ntag216. I believe it has to be written in a raw or possibly a binary form (others will know for sure). A list of hf commands for the PM3 can be found HERE. However, as a beginner to the RFID world myself, I’ve found it’s easier to use my phone to write to an Ntag using NFC tools app.

Thank you! That’s a valuable piece of information, as I have no idea what best practices are.

You would use the wrbl command to write a block with a pm3. It’s much more low level than using an app.

I would suggest starting with an app and seeing if it works for you.

Will do, thanks!
Is there any app for iphone that will read write mifare classic 1k’s? Taginfo will not, neither NFC Tools, even in compability mode.

Mifare classic tool (MCT) on Android works, but I am not sure if iOS has the equivalent :man_shrugging:

Also remember the WRITE function will only work on your phone with a FlexM1 gen2 not the FlexM1 gen1a or xM1.

NFC Tools or TagInfo (iPhone versions) will read the Mifare Classic implants

How come there is a such difference between Mifare Classic implants and Mifare Classic cards?
I thought they were equal, except for the physical characteristics.

Correct, but I think this is what you are asking

This explains the difference between gen1a and gen 2

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Great! Thanks for the info!

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