Write text with Proxmark3 Easy

Hi all, i hope you are fine :hugs: .

I’m new in thie world, with a NExT implant :star_struck:.

For the moment, i just have fun with it, it lanch youtube video when we scan it.
I use an app in my phone (NFC tools) for write i want in the implant, and it’s work without problem.

I have an proxmark3 easy, i have make all configuration and i make few experimentation with.
I know how to copy a badge with, but i don’t know how i can write text/URL or other things with.

Can you help me ? :relaxed:

Thanks =).

PS: I’m french and don’t speak english very well, sorry if i make error.


NFC Tools

Your English is perfectly understandable

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NFC Tools

I already use NFC Tools =)
But with this topic, i want to learn how to write, with Proxmark3 Easy , no with an app :slight_smile:
But thanks !


Sorry, Your thread title even mentions what you are wanting to do, It looks like I am the one struggling with English.

Anyway, You can certainly do it.
You will need to write line by line on the blocks

To learn, I would reccomend you use an app to write the data you want on your NExT as an example, Then,

NFC Tools
“Read” - Record 1- Details…

BUT TagInfo will be much easier to understand the output, so If you do a scan with TagInfo, and look at the “Full Scan” - Memory content

That is basically what you need to replicate. including the syntax, format and which blocks, you can and also shouldnt write to.

I cant help you much more as I don’t have a Proxmark with me at the moment, so I would only be able to guess the commands
If you look in the menus from

hf 14a

Whatever you do, I would strongly reccomend you practice on a card/fob and NOT on your NExT

Hopefully somebody will be along shortly to give you some more specific commands