Writing a dump on a non magic mifare classic v1

Well I’ll try to find them, do you have a link yet?

i bought this: MIFARE Classic® Compatible 1K UID Modifiable Coin Tag - Pack of 5 — Lab401

@Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha now i have a tag uid writable of right dimension so now i’ll try to clone the key. can you indicate me how to do?have i to modify the uid or will it be cloned? tnx

You should be able to do:
hf mf cload -f hf-mf-6E7BE4FB-dump.bin

That should copy everything including the UID

But may not include the fix for:

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well the cloning gave a positive result. there is only one problem now: the tag is slightly wider than the hole and I had to bend it a bit to get it to fit, at the first attempt it was read regularly, then no more. the original continues to be read so I assume there was no uid ban but it remains to be seen if the clone tag was physically damaged or there is something else. what do you think?

yes, it is physically damaged. proxmark does not read it anymore

ah yep, that can definitely happen if you bend/tense a tag. with your measurements you got earlier try and buy a tag with a smaller diameter


I think the problem is another one now, I’ve thrown away 3 tags now, they are read by the drinks dispenser reader, the products are also dispensed and then they become unusable. They are not even read by the proxmark anymore @Aoxhwjfoavdlhsvfpzha @Equipter

Try hf mf cview on one of them to see if they’ll still respond to the backdoor commands

It’s possible the reader knows to check for magic commands, and is trying to brick the tags intentionally, but it seems weird that it would also dispense the drink if it could tell the tag was fake

If it is detecting magic cards, I think pretty much the only way to go is to look into a different gen magic card, either Gen2 or Gen4 might work