xAC alternatives / let’s build a more secure alternative?

It’s just an EM tag… flipper will do that no sweat

Lost me here…. I’ve only seen magic mifare… I haven’t seen magic ntags in anything but extremely niche iso cards

The 13.56 reader that I got, doesn’t require mifare, it will read anything 14443a, so ntag or mifare

Just to be clear the magic aspect isn’t required, it only lets you change the UID, or baked in serial number on 13.56 chips

LF stuff, almost all the rewritable chips you’ll see are t5577 which is in a nut shell like a magic… it will pretend to be more or less whatever LF thing you tel
It to be

Hi, thanks for the reply.

You may have answered already, but my question was, there’s two rings.
One says magic mifare 1k. And the other ntag216 I believe.

I was wondering if both would unlock the 13.56 reader above.

Sounds like maybe they both will, but the magic ring you can change the hf side if you want to essential make a new tag?

Thanks. It’s still a bit like a foreign language.


This is the other ring I was looking at.

Yea the 13.56 version will work with either since it doesn’t care what chip it finds… as long as it responds in the 14443a protocol, which both do

The big difference your looking at is,

The ntag will talk with your phone via nfc

The mifare more than likely won’t, but you can change the serial number on it

Me personally I’d go ntag for phone shenanigans

The DT dual frequency ring is out of stock, I don’t believe there are plans to restock it… but you can find dual frequency rings elsewhere (DT didn’t make it)

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Well shoot, I didn’t even notice it was out of stock. I guess that would have made my question a lot easier. That’s great info though I appreciate your time.

I think I’m going to do a ring to be a backup for my wristband till I can get an implant in.

Thinking the NExT

if its an iPhone *

there is ios shenanigans you can get up to but writing NDEF to mifare classic via ios is a no-go so if you’re wanting to put ndef records on it then you can do just not with an iPhone, you can still read & interpret the same NDEF records as an NTAG tho

I came across this board:

It looks like it includes a PN532 v3 reader so the range won’t be ideal. It still looks better than most of the chinise counterparts IMO.

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More questions.

I’ve tried to find the (super simple I’m sure) answers for over an hour and am going in circles.

Three questions.

  1. The NExT, is the LF side preprogrammed?
    I believe I read the LF side is pre programmed but can be changed? Is that right? So you could use it to open locks after getting it imanted, without changing anything with a flipper, or proxmark, etc?

2 And the HF side is pre programmed. And can’t be changed. Right?

3. Would the HF side of the NExT work with this (obv the 13.56 one)? I couldn’t see on the AliExpress website what specs it had.

4 (I’m a liar!!) So if I got (and I have) both the 125 and 13.56 of this listing they’d both work with the NExT? I thought I’d asked that somewhere but can’t find it if I did.

US $11.21 5%OFF | 2500 users 125Khz 13.56Mhz RFID Proximity Access Control System Board Building Intercom module Embedded Access Control module

Very short answer… yes

The better answer is, The NExT should arrive in “EM mode”
The T5577 chip can pretend to be all kinds of LF things, so you just tell it what it’s supposed to pretend to be
EM is just sort of the most basic… so that’s my assumption why it’s shipped that way with some generic EM uid
(Just a guess tho)
But yes, you can totally use it for EM stuff when it arrives in EM mode (I’m 95% sure it arrives in em mode)

Here’s an important clarification about an implant working with a system… there are 2 ways you can do it

Either the reader can “learn” the UID or serial number of a chip, typically called “enrolling” as you and enrolling that card into the system as trusted etc


You can take an existing card that a reader or system already trusts and “clone” that data onto a new chip
When your done there is no meaningful difference between the 2 and (most) readers and won’t be able to tell the difference, like making a copy of a metal key

LF chips are easy to clone since they are good at pretending to be other things

HF chips are much more of a pain to clone, since usually the UID or serial number of the chip can’t be changed, unless you get a special “magic” chip which is a sort of unauthorized knockoff chip that you can reprogram (carefully to not brick it)

That’s not to say you can’t add and remove and change things on a HF chip, think of it like a semi truck… you can change the cargo really easy… but the license plate is very hard or not possible to change

Usually people “enroll” HF chips into systems, and “clone” LF… but enrolling you need access or control or permission from the system or owners…

If your building then you ofc have this…
A gym or employer might not be willing to enroll something foreign in their system… or more likely don’t know how or what your talking about

If I’m understanding what your asking

1x NExT
13.56 uid :3412569078 (fixed)
AND NFC NDEF payload that will share a url link to someone’s phone to a rickroll or business card
125 uid :3456901278 (rewritable)

Buying 1x125 reader and 1x13.56 reader

The 125 reader only looks at the 125
The 13.56 reader only looks at the 13.56

So yes that would work

You could also buy 2x or 17x of either and that would also work

The same metal key can open 1 or 100 doors
The reader is the lock in this analogy
The only real difference is a reader can accept a bunch of different keys, versus a lock which only really works with 1 version of a key… you just make a bunch of copies of it
(Ignoring mastering)

Where it gets tricky is the LF uid while it can take many forms, can only be 1 thing at a time

In a nutshell

So if your gym card has a uid of 1234567890
And your work card has a uid of 0987654321
Your implant can’t do both at the same time



@Eriequiet answered you above, I just happen to remember why your asking, Your 2FA door lock for your Bus conversion correct?
I have that same HF reader, and its “made for” Mifare Classic 1k BUT I’m pretty sure I’ve used it with DESFire EV2 and NTAG216 (NExT), you just need to use the “ADD” card to enroll it and you’re up and running.

I’ll dig out my reader tomorrow and confirm it for you (Worst case, it’ll be the day after)

If it works, then yes, the NExT will be the best key for your 2FA locking system

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Excellent answers. Thanks so much!

Like pilgrim is likely saying above (haven’t read his reply yet) I’m asking because I have a magnetic lock entry door system on a RV I’m building.

Right now it has a single LF module powering both locks. ((2) 600lb locks).

In the future I’d like the option of having a LF reader for one lock and hf reader for the other lock. And use them simultaneously. Meaning. Swipe down over a small area and have it open both locks.

I’m not going to do so for quite a while, if ever, and would do a lot of testing first.

But I’d like to at least know the NExT could in theory open both of those locks at the same time…??


Thank you!!!

That’d be much appreciated.

I just want to make sure before I get the NExT. Hopefully this summer.


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Any chance you might have been able to check that 13.56 reader with the NExT?

:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grin:

Just following up!

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Of course, I haven’t forgotten, but I eneded up away from home for a few days

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Is this the reader I bought?

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Yes, I think you do, if not, you have a very similar one

Yes, I got 3 like yours from ali express

Thanks again for testing all that.


No hurry. Was just wondering.

Ducks in a row and all that.

I can confirm with mine when I get home… I have a demo kit with bread board in my rfid bin

I’m 95% sure it sure be fine with the next… I would have tested it with any 14443a implants I had… I just don’t have written record of doing it

That would be great if you can.

It’d be the difference between getting the next and just the LF chip alone.

Much appreciated.


Sorry its taken so long, but blah blah blah excuses etc.

I wanted to give you more info. But for now I can tell you it will work with a NExT

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