xAC V1 link ———

I found a site selling what looks exactly like the first gen xAC paired up with a relay board. Not sure what the power draw is on their relay but I know the original xAC pulled less in standby than the new version so if you’re doing a battery operated job and want minimal standby drain here’s the link.

Just found it again on eBay too.


So the one I got from eBay (at least by the pictures) looks just like the one from keen designs. That being said it doesn’t function the same as the original xAC. The one I was shipped (from eBay) has a 4 pin connector and is only outputting about 2.5 volts when in the presence of an approved tag. Another peculiar thing is the LED is always on when the system is powered irregardless of the presence or absence of an approved tag.

I’d like another xAC that functions like the one I’ve got (from DT) but I only had one from DT and don’t want to take apart the system that it’s integrated into just to test with it.

I managed to back out the single screw holding the shell together on my eBay deal if anyone here is electronically inclined and would like to have a look let me know. I’m just trying to get it to function the way I’m expecting.

I had a quick dig and couldn’t find it but the xac has a number of mods internally that may or may not have been done to your unit.

Post a pic of the new units pcb and we will see :slight_smile:

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It looks pretty clean in there so unless these changes are board revisions I think I’ve got a stock unit. That being said now I’m curious what was changed on the one I’ve got from DT that’s currently hiding in my car. Does anyone have one from DT that they’re willing to split open and share some information on?

Yeah mods are missing! I’ll get the pictures asap


So I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything here. I see three changes.

Connect the two spots I pointed at with the red arrows together and then bend the top prong with the blue arrow to the top prong of the bottom blue arrow and tack them together and it looks like a couple pins got soldered together on that chip in the lower left corner (green arrow) Is that right?

You missed the one on the chip in your pic, gotta connect the last 2 pins together. See lilac dot


Yep, spotted that right after I posted, then went back and edited it again.

Thanks for the help @Devilclarke. I’m not in the mood to break out the soldering iron at the moment but I’ll definitely be saving these pictures for later.


Pretty sure I can dig mine out of storage. It is for sale. It is one of the last ones before he got moldy ones.