Xac v2 questions

Couple questions for the v2 I have coming

Apologies if some are dumb, I know just enough to be a dangerous hack

What connector is used for the antenna to the board? Looking to make an extension since it’s going thru a safe door and want to be able to disconnect on the other side

Would magnetic fields interfere with the read ranger? I’m piecing together the panel I’m going to use on the other side, and toying with the idea of making it very attracted to the safe door… maybe 100-200 lbs of force

Does the v2 only supply a limited amount of power when activated, or does it allow the full power source current through? I’m considering adding a ring of leds, because blinkies

V2 doesn’t supply any power. That comes from what you send to the relay. It’s a dry relay.

The v2 can technically supply about 20mA. Jumper S3 can be set in a way to connect VCC to COM through a current limiting resistor. It is possible, but the most common and recommended way to use it is to throw S3 away and just use the relay.

I think the relay is about 10A?

When do the led’s get power? When successful scans happen or always?
If always then you can bypass the controller altogether. If when successful then run a leg of input power into another relay and use the controller to trigger the switch part of that relay.

Only when unlocked

So to make sure I understand

The xAC requires 12v for its on operations

And the relay only closes, allowing whatever you run to the relay thru it

Yep thats it


For “simplicity sake” how about this

Buy basic 12v wall adapter, strip end,
Wire it in parallel with the xAC (12v)
And the other end to the relay, and add whatever resistance I need in series to the relay to drop it to 4.5
either Resistors only
3x 2.1v green leds plus a resistor or 2 to get me to a nice 4.5

Or am I fundamentally wrong somewhere?

Additional, I found this nice and cheap little 12v ups ‘might throw that in the safe door in case of power outage

CE Quality 6000mA 22.2W 12V 2A DC/DC Uninterruptible Power Supply Mini UPS with Back Up Battery for Modem, Router, CCTV Camera DVR and LED Lighting https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075JYY9ZZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_hvGtFb2MPEEMJ

Nope that would work just use a voltage divider.

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Ugh…hate to be that guy but I can’t find what I’m looking for here… do you mind helping me locate a 6000ohm resistor? Everything I find looks like it’s for some serious power draw

Mouser have a bunch, I haven’t done the math so can’t say what wattage you would need but it won’t be much.


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