xBT and Android

First, thank you all for reading my sometimes newbish posts.
I am interested in getting a https://dangerousthings.com/shop/xbti
However, without a specialized reader its no readable. Has anyone heard of an Android or iPhone adapter that could read such tags? I Google’d it but wasn’t sure as to the best, or even if they could definitely read this tag. I’m looking for something hopefully Android, USB-C, Preferably small. I’d appreciate any advice that could be given as I think it would just rock to be able to scan temperature in this fashion.

Have a most excellent day!

Sorry no :frowning:
The phones work with NFC (High Frequency) The xBT is Low Frequency.

You need the Halo-Reader

I was looking at more of an attachment that could read the temperature.

Not sure if this would work or not. Android reader

No tech info. Buy and test is the only way to know for sure. I doubt it though… it’s a rare feature among animal / pet chips.

Right. I might email them to see if they have any more info.