xDF2 and DESfire EV1

Are you able to copy DESfire EV1 to the xDF2 implant?

Well, the xDF2 is a DESFire EV2 and it is backward compatible with the DESFire EV1… so technically yes you could create an application on the xDF2 with the same AID as the application on the DESFire EV1 chip, then write the same contents to it and set the same keys… but you will not be able to;

  1. copy the UID of the DESFire EV1 source chip to the xDF2… the UID is hard set or set to privacy mode which induces a random UID for every session.

  2. crack encryption (if used) to secure the application data on the DESFire EV1 chip so you can deploy the AID application and data to the xDF2.

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Ahh so it’s probably not really feasible then. Thanks.