xDF2 block 0 writable

Hey guys
I would like to do the transformation to a cyborg. I am thinking about getting the xDF2 implant to open the door to my companies office. I want to know if it’s UID is changeable.



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There’s alot of brainpower on the forum here, and someone more knowledgable than I will be along shortly to answer your specific question.

But until then, let me be the first to say, Welcome to the Forum, and I hope you’re “one of us” soon!


It is not :frowning:

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Amal answered that for you above.

I’m sure you have guessed, that doesn’t mean you can’t use an xDF2, it just means you would have to enroll the xDF2 into your works access system.

You also possibly have a few other options available to you depending on the security system requirements.
Although you have mentioned DESFire, there is a possibility it may accept other chips, but you would need to provide some more information and also some testing.

The “magic” Mifare implants are possible contenders

But first I would reccomend you get yourself a test card bundle, to check the compatibility.

if you are open to the idea of a flex implant, I would suggest a FlexDF2 over the xDF2 just for read range improvements.
and again if the “Magic” cards work, I would suggest the FlexM1 over the xM1.
Your other option, that would be almost guaranteed, may be a conversion service provided by Dangerous Things

Here is another recent thread with similar information


Hey thank you for all the information. I will take a look into the “magic” implants and get myself a testcard set. :grin:

Flex implants are no option because i already had trouble finding a piercer/doctor who wants to implant the x series implants.

Again thanks this helps a lot in my transformation

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