xDF2 Can't be read

Hey there,

last week I got my xDF2 implant.
Therefore I went to a professional piercer who has implanted various tags before.
At first I was sad as I could not read the tag right away, but then I realized that I might have to give the inflammation some time to go away. And so did I

The injection site is not swollen anymore, and I can clearly feel and see the tag.

I’ve tried multiple readers (I’ve got access to a lot of mobile phones, as I am a mobile developer) and the ACS ACR 122U but I could not get a single read.
I have also tried multiple different Apps (NXP, NFC Reader, etc.) but none seemed to work.

The xLED that was sent with the xDF2 lights up under almost all of the scanners and I’ve positioned my tag in the same angle/rotation over the scanner.

What can I do ? Is there a chance the tag might be defect?
I’ve read all of the relevant articles in this forum and looked up all the videos but it seems that I’m either too stupid or I dunno…

Please help :smiley:

Best regards,

Hello Corvin,

I will PM you about this and we’ll get it sorted.