xDF2 DESFire not responding

Hi, I am fairly new to the body modding world and I have a problem with my first implant, the xDF2 DESFire. I am unable to trigger any response with the included field tester(xLED-HF) nor with the proxmark3 (easy). The above mentioned items work though with other cards or my phone.

My current fear now is that the implant got damaged during the install or just didn’t work from the beginning.

How long ago was the install? Give it up to 2 weeks before you freak out, we’ve seen this often: doesn’t work after install, works 2 weeks later.
I guess it’s the swelling and the blood.

Just about a week ago. Good to hear that this is normal thx.

Hey Buddy, Are you saying, when you present your xFD or Diagnostic Card, your xDF2 is not responding?

If so, the implants don’t work like that.
They need a powered reader like a phone or door access etc.

If that’s not what you meant, then oops, I misread your message

Me too, but shouldn’t the XDF2 respond to a Proxmark3 though?

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Yeah, but that could just be a coupling issue. (Im just guessing here)
If it was a FlexDF2 then that would be a little more unlikely.
Just trying to get some clarification

An hf tune and Voltage reading might help also

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Either way the initial post was badly phrased as it looks like it is suggesting the implant and diagnostic should interact.

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Oh ok. I thought the implant and the field tester should be able to interect with each other my bad.

All good mate, Its all just learnings.

So the likely reason you cant “see” your xDF2 is probably just the coupling with the Proxmark3

You need to me Perpendicular with the antenna so ( + ) and the antenna is on the bottom of the Proxmark…

Try your hf search again, you need to be quite precise for you placement

Give me a sec, I’ll post a photo

What are you actually trying to achieve with your xDF2?

Using hf tune the Voltage doesn’t in- or decrease when placing the implant on the proxmark3.

You can see ontop of the bottom board is where the HF antenna is, you want to ace it perpendicular to you xDF2
Like I have shown with my HiTag.
or similar placement to any of the red lines…

The field tester is a handy device to test readers that you don’t know about. You take your tester and place it on the reader and move it around until you get maximum brightness. That shows you the position and orientation you want for your implant.

Here is a diagnostic card balanced on my test keyboard wedge, (I don’t have a field detector) this tells you whether the reader is High frequency or Low frequency. In this case it is high frequency.

Thanks for the detailed help I will try that.

Should be 2 weeks now. How’s it going?

At the moment i am only able to locate the chip via hf tune (drops from 15V to ~14400mV). But running hf search, the pm3 can’t find any tags.