xDF2 new implant and searching for a job :)

Hello everyone.

My name is Pablo and I’m from Argentina. I recently self-installed an xDF2 chip into my hand, and it was a little terrifying experience because I cut down a little into a vein by accident and a lot of blood came out. Currently, I’m fine and it’s working very well. “Medical” kinds of products are not allowed by the Argentinian customs, so It was a miracle that it went through. I really wanted to have one and I bought one without having much expectation from it to arrive.

I don’t know if it is allowed or not, but I’m searching for a job in EEUU, Australia, or NZ. If anybody knows someone who is searching for a full-stack developer, please let me know. I have 4+ years of experience working with .Net core, and 3 years working with angular 2+.

Thanks :slight_smile:


We are from Australia. Not currently in the workforce so don’t really know about any job opportunities unfortunately, but NZ is also pretty great place to live.


Yes, Australia and NZ are beautiful places from my point of view. I was between Australia and New Zealand, but my girlfriend it’s evangelical and she likes Hillsong church, so we ended up choosing Australia because of it xD.

The US is a pretty big place with a huge range of cultures, costs of living, job opportunities, and climates. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area and the weather is beautiful! Mild all year. We have ocean, mountains, forests, deserts, just about anything you can imagine! There are a lot of great job opportunities here as well. The down sides are that it’s one of the most expensive places in the US and there is a LOT of competition for the jobs here. The jobs pay well so the cost of living is kind of compensated for but if you’re here without a job your runway is pretty short.