Xem ac v2 to 120v-ac

I’m off of work in a few days, for the remainder of the year, and I want to use the version 2 access controller to switch a light. I bought a relay but not entirely sure how they work. My plan is to put the antenna right behind a plastic wall plate cover that i can scan my implant against. Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure if this will suffice but this is what I possess.

The xAC v2 has a relay on board already. The question is, do you need a toggling relay… One that turns on with the first signal input and one that turns off after the second and so on… toggling between on and off states every time a signal comes in. If that relay module you bought does this, then yes the should work.

Oh I didn’t think about that… my goal is to basically have a light switch to toggle a light on/off like usual. But by presenting the implant.

Indeed so you will want to get a relay module that will toggle off and on each time it receives a trigger signal from the xAC (on successful scan).

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Ohh ok, like a piston relay.

with relays it’s called a toggle or flip-flop or latching relay… something like this…