xEM and access controller question

First let me start by saying I am not the most capable programmer or tech guy but I do have a solid understanding of the basics.

Ok I installed a xEM chip a few years ago to use at work and everything went well, the chip worked great for several years. I ended up leaving that job for 2.5yrs and now I am back. Yesterday, I received my new keycard and proceeded to successfully clone it to my xEM.

I am going to install the xEM access controller in my vehicle for keyless entry. I also want another implant… So I was thinking about getting the NExT to use RFID for my vehicle and NFC for other things but it dawned on me, I may be able to program the access controller to use the xEM already installed to unlock my car with my employers cloned info. If so, basically, I only need the xNT chip and not the additional RFID. Granted I may still do the NExT so I’ll have the extra RFID in the future but I’m still curious if I can use the same chip for work and my vehicle?

Thanks in advance.

it depends… what type of key card did your work supply? if it was an HID access card, then your xEM is in HID Prox mode and that will not work with the xAC access controller, or really any other cheap standalone access control module or device as they tend to all lean heavily on the EM type data encoding scheme.

I recently brought a RFID reader from AliExpress (I will put link below) which reads both my NExT implant (13.56 side) and my XM1 without any problem. I have this connected to a controller also from eBay (link below). The controller has NC and NO outputs, both passive (so just connecting a circuit) and live (12volt), and can be set for a toggle or for a pulse output (with changeable time).

The controller will also work with a LF reader, but only with EM card not HID (at least I couldn’t get it to work with my HID).

I have this working as my garage door opener and have no problems with range (about 1-cm for both chips). The reader is powered by a consistent12 volt DC current, which I reckon effects reading range.

As such, if you get something like the above, you should be able to use your exisitng xEM if it is emulating an EM card and not HID or use either side of the NExT.

I have no ties to either of these suppliers, other than the fact I purchased from them both and was happy with what was supplied. I have spent the last few weeks making tonnes of orders for RFID readers to try and find some that actually work with my NExT and XM1 without any issues.

reader: (you need to select whether you want LF or HF whe checking out): Waterproof 125KHz 13.56Mhz Compatible Proximity RFID Card Reader Wiegand 26 Reader Door Access Control System Kit|Control Card Readers| - AliExpress

controllor: Door Access Control System Switch Power Supply DC 12V Access Control Machine | eBay

I hope this helps you.


Thank you both for the response. I am not certain which it is at this point. I’m going to get a reader soon so I can finally figure that out.
I was planning on getting the proxmark but I will check out those links as well. Sounds like a great setup especially for 12v dc, tsmc55