xEM and xM1 side by side?

Hey all,

Time for me to go from 1 implant to 3! The next 2 are an xEM and an xM1 that I am looking at getting put in the same hand.

At the moment the plan is to have the xM1 in the recommended place parallel to the second metacarpal, and the xEM in the same pocket parallel to the first metacarpal - should just be able to get the 5mm separation between chips.

Is this an okay idea? I know having chips close increases the breaking risk and potentially introduces detuning, but if I can get 5mm would these be negligible?

Should I look at putting one of them between, for example, the second and third metacarpal even though this also isn’t ‘recommended’ - for my line of work I don’t want to put glass in the knife edge of my hand, so looking for the lowest risk way to get them in there!


My opinion, would be, it would be fine to put them both parallel to the Second metacarpal
At least 5mm, is Amals recommendation.
I don’t have 2 side by side myself, but where my NExT is placed, I would be comfortable that I could get 10-12mm separation from it ( I would say I have average sized hands)

Here I am ASS-U-ME-ing with CompGeek as a handle, you work with computers… Maybe you do, but you do a lot of “Judo Chop” of Computers and the users.
HKP Compgeek 1

Did you see @Vicarious post the other day, showing his placement locations?
He had 22 on that day, now I think he has 23…
Have a look in WIKI - BEGINNERS GUIDE to implants & becoming a cyborg 🤖 in the “where can I put it” section ( The x-ray image he was saying is outdated with ONLY 14 ).
I’m sure there will be somebody with a side by side arrangement that can confirm it for you
Who is doing the install?


I’m an AV technician - so lots of computers and other related technology (audio consoles, lighting desks, vision control systems) with the odd loading of trucks and having hands in the back of server racks. Not much chopping, but I do tend to get a lot of scrapes so don’t want to subject a chip to that if i can avoid it.

I did! But I noticed most of the ones he has side by side seem to be an LED next to an ‘actual’ tag which i guessed may have affected the de tuning question.

An experienced, professional installer near me (on the partner map!) - She’s done quite a few of them so I have no doubt she’ll be able to hit the mark and get the separation needed. I do have small hands though, so I’d probably be looking at 8mm or so, hence the idea of maybe aiming for a different metacarpal.


For anyone interested just posting a follow up!

Chips went in yesterday and my installer managed to get them next to each other without a problem.

It’s working for my work badge, still to test at the gym.


Nice work, glad it worked out