Xem Bricked Chip on day one :(

I am a complete newcomer to this whole ordeal and I think i totally just bricked my implant by trying to clone an HID card to an Xem implant. The only tool i really have to experiment with this stuff is a flipper zero and i really dont want a chip in my hand with no use whatsoever. It was able to read fine before the attempted write and now is no longer responding please help me!!!

Thank you all for the support!

EDIT I was able to get a read after having made this post, only one read, and it was HID. Does this have to do with healing maybe? Sorry for the frantic edit i am just so scared I already screwed this up!

You guys we are fine I was holding my flipper zero up to it completely wrong XD!

But for future sake how do I write to the Xem and Xsiid without risk of them “Bricking”?

Is there a tutorial anywhere for doing so safely?

Do I need a Proxmark to do so?

When did you get your xEM implanted? Swelling can make these things hard to read so the first two weeks can be frustrating. In any case, if it’s a recent install, give it some time.

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I thought you said you were going to wait 2 weeks lol
Don’t write to it right now or you could mess it up since you just got it installed yesterday.

I thought the Xsiid had a higher transmissibility but after that scare believe me I will be! I’m so sorry I am often dumb thank you for all the help :disappointed_relieved:

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Sorry Xem not Xsiid^^

Its difficult to read an implant on the first-second day with just about everyone, it’s harder to read with a small antenna like the one that is in the Flipper, IMO you should buy a proxmark3 easy at least to write to your implants just because it’s quite difficult to get a good couple with the small antenna. Off of my NExT with my Proxmark3 Easy I can get a good consistent read from ~1-1.5 Cm. You don’t NEED a proxmark3 but it should be easier and safer for your implants to use one and the proxmark3 can do way more stuff with RFID/NFC stuff.

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