xEM car installation

Added a little bit of Dangerous Things bling to the car this morning!

Still working on installing the xEM controller into the central locking system. Looking at placing the antenna behind the driver’s side mirror.

My initial idea was using the controller as an ignition interlock of sorts, so you would have to present the tag before you could start the car, but I ditched the idea due to some safety concerns.

I’ll keep this thread updated with progress and pictures!

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Nice. Fellow ham I see…

Could you share your safety concerns?


I was mostly worried about the interlock failing when I needed to get somewhere or not letting me get out of a situation. Also, if somone else needed to use the car, it would’ve pretty much been useless unless they had a cloned keyfob or something.

Or you could just issue them a unique keyfob… the xEM Access Controller allows storage of up to 25 unique tag IDs… no need to clone anything.

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