xEM chip write issues

I have tried for days to write to my xEM chip with my Proxmark 3 Easy. Its the whole reason i purchased the PM3. Is it really that difficult to find a position that couples with the antenna on this thing?

I am fairly new to all this. I can write to any fob i put on the thing. However…this chip i can sometimes read from. When i find the spot that i think i am reading from it, i send the clone command and nothing…

Do i really need a different LF antenna on this? Or am i just doing something wrong. I have looked at the DIY one, but i do not feel i have the know how to successfully accomplish that.

Honestly, I’m not sure if it is even reading properly. Once in a great while i can read an Indala chip with an lf search.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In my experience Indala indicates a poor read, (unless you have Indala written to it) it’s best not to write anything until you can achieve and repeat a good read.

Have you been laying the LF antenna coil across the implant about midway?

While doing this, I suggest using LF tune to fine tune the PM3 into position.

This will be awkward without a third hand, I usually have my PM3 pinned between my left hand and my chin freeing up my right hand for commands.

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I have it implanted in the knife edge of my left hand. And I have been laying it as close to midway as i can. I will attempt the LF Tune while having my hand/chip laying across the coil. I really do appreciate the help.

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Yes, it can be.
It is not surprising you can “sometimes read but can’t write”
It’s all to do with the coupling of the antennas.
Reads are easier than writes.
@ItaBeAight placement suggestion should get you some success.

This bit also being super important

Do this a few times consecutively without any errors until you are comfortable enough to write.
mm and ⁰ :triangular_ruler: of difference can yield very different results.

Once you find the sweet spot, you will find any subsequent Proxmark3 sessions slightly easier.

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For what it’s worth, I find reading / writing to a xEM chip barely passable with a ProxLF antenna (which is supposed to be the gold standard to couple with a LF glass implant with a PM3) and even worse with the stock antenna.

On top of that, the PM3 is exceptionally bad at reading Indala tags (if indeed your original tag is an Indala). Particularly long UID ones (224-bit). I know because the xEM in my hand is configured that way and it took me a lot of care and triple-triple-checking to finally get a verbatim copy.

On the bright side, reading the xEM with anything but a PM3 is a breeze.

That’s my experience. Others’ may differ.

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@anon3825968 I am leaning towards your thinking. I have actively been moving my hand around the proxmark all morning with only one successful read. No matter the angle, or anything else i try…nothing. I am wanting to get my work badge cloned over to this thing. At this point i’m not sure what to try/purchase to get this thing able to be read, let alone written too.

What are you trying to clone exactly? And what is your xEM configured as right now?

I just received the implant last week, and implanted it over the weekend. I’m trying to clone a keri access badge over to it…which works perfectly on the T55xx fobs i have tested. Other than trying to write the keri ID over to it when i think i have a good couple, then it should be what it was shipped from DT’s as.

I have no experience with Keri tags. But take a look at this:

You might want to check what version of the PM3 firmware you’re running - and if you’re running the Iceman fork also.

If you haven’t tried to clone it to your xEM yet, the xEM should still be configured as a EM4xxx. Does it read as such on the PM3? It should read relatively easily.

Implanted it on the weekend, even if not visible you’re going to have swelling ect that can make reading and writing difficult my honest suggestion would be to wait until 1 week after install to start messing with it.


Hmm yeah, that too. Good advice from Devilclarke here: wait until the swelling goes down to maximize your chances of writing it without fucking it up.

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Ok, I don’t mind pausing on this until next week. I will reply and let you know how it goes. I appreciate everybody’s help on this.

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Yeah wait and also you might end up having to push hard to reduce the gap between antenna and implant.
That may take longer than a week before you want to get all squishy pushy

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