xEM programming

So i am thinking about purchasing an xEM to use instead of my proxcard II at work, i was wondering if my work has a programmer for these, is it likely to work with this? I would be programming and testing before injecting

It’s not likely that your work programmer is able to write to T5577 chips like what’s in the xEM. The xEM can emulate and HID ProxCard but how it is programmed to do that is it’s own thing. You’d likely need a proxmark3 or 3rd party cloner device to enable proper cloning. The xEM comes preprogrammed in EM mode so to get it into HID prox mode you’ll need a tool designed to do the job.


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do you happen to know if any of your partners on the map have the ability to clone? an extra $90 is a little off putting.

I don’t know any partners that could perform this programming step for you. If you wanted to ship me your card i could clone it to an xEM for you, then ship that in a small tube with chlorhexidine. The partner could then install it using a 10g needle and taper rather than our injector. PM me if this is acceptable.

Hey there amal, I was just curious if I could buy an xem from DT preprogrammed in HID mode with a number. I have an xem chip and a cloner, I am just a bit nervous to install it, then clone my card to it. Do you know how common the write error is?

Pyro, i would clone, test, sterilize with chlorhexidine, then install. just an update Amal, I’m considering buying the proxmark3, it just makes sense to have that ability on hand. but i am also interested in some statistics in regards to programming, is it easy to do while the device is installed?

I concur with your suggestion of cloning first. It could also be done just before install if the chip was ejected onto a clear sterile field and a sterile gauze patch put over it… clone attempt… then if successful, sterile gloves to place chip back into injector and installed. A professional is necessary to avoid cross contaminating.

As for the proxmark3… great piece of kit. Terrible antenna performance from the original antenna designs. A back burner project we have on the bench is to design better ones… but no ETA on that.

do you know of anything with a better antenna that you would recommend?

We are exploring some of the cheaper Chinese made proxmark3 units where the antennas and FPGA boards are all integrated into one package. If those suck, we’ll continue to explore antenna design options for the traditional proxmark3 board.

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