xEM/xNT vs NExT for multiclass readers?

I’ve been thinking of getting an implant for a while and recently started looking into it a bit more seriously. I’ve found a piercer near me that is listed as a partner so I have that portion covered.

I’ve been doing some testing and reading around the forums (and internet for that matter) trying to decide which implant to get. I was leaning towards a NeXT originally since I liked the idea of having both chips. I intend to use the LF side for my work badge and the NFC portion for a vCard or link to my website.

My concern lies with the readers at my work. They are multiclass and I’m worried that they wouldn’t consistently read the LF chip. I have a blue Chinese cloner that I was able to clone my current credential with, and I was also able to add an NFC card as a credential in the system (I’m the primary manager of the credentials here). I found a post where Amal mentions anti-collision mostly being ignored in the industry which is what raised my concern.

Due to the multiclass readers I was thinking about instead getting either just an xEM or doing an xEM in one hand and an xNT in the other.

Does anyone have any personal experience using a NeXT with a multiclass reader they would be willing to share?

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Just give them a call to make sure first, mention the DT website and explain ( Some partner info is not currently up to date)

Perfect use of the NExT

I have Multiclass at my work, and I do on occasion get a failed read ( Multi class capable, system access is on LF side, some readers, only “look” for LF, whilst other for both )
I had issues early on, but I have learnt through trial and error, how to approach each reader ( The diagnostic card / and or xField detector is also perfect for this )
I rarely get a “denied” access now, BUT I have an xEM waiting for an install just for work access. But really don’t need it.

Great start, you are ahead of the game, just to clarify, you added a 13.56 HF card. What is the access system Brand make and Model?

The perfect position to be in, You will be the envy or the best friend of most people here on the forum if they worked with you.

See above

Totally a viable option.
No collision
Super sale right now (xEM & xNT for only $50)
NExT is 2in1, therefore one implant = one valuable hand space

Sure can, Just Did, Look up there :arrow_double_up: :wink:

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Probably should’ve mentioned, this is what I mean by having “that portion covered.” Called the piercer and discussed price and everything.

The readers themselves are HID multiclass SE RP40

That was another reason I was considering that over the NExT.

Do you happen to know if that has to do with coil placement within the readers themselves?

Thank you for your help! Appreciate ya!

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Thanks, I want to build a “Database” to make it easier for people to find compatible DT products with specific products

That is a tricky one, @amal has kinda fucked you there :wink: , the NExT is usually cheaper than the 2 individual products, It is an extremely good deal, It probably suits your use better, and the timing is perfect BUT do you want to loose a valuable implantation position, where you could just have a 2in1 taking up one spot… That my freind is your decision, not mine.

I am guessing the readers themselves whether they are "reading HF and LF eg.
Identical readers, but
If only LF then no issue, I can tap anywhere on the reader and :green_circle::bulb:

If LF**&**HF unless, I sneak up like a :cat:‍:bust_in_silhouette: and slide my hand from top right to top left I get a :red_circle: :bulb:

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