Xg3 and haptic feedback with flexAR

I picked up some electromagnetic actuators called flexAR, and with the help of an h-bridge to reverse polarity at specific frequencies, I’ve got this bad boy flapping when exposed to a magnetic field. From here I’m wanting to explore generating haptic signals from wearables, and figure out a membrane that would be best for basic tone generation. If anyone is interested in a parts list, schematic, or some code let me know and I’ll post it. Here’s a vid with info on the actuator from the guy who developed them.

And here it is in all it’s flappy glory

Warning: Anything over 0.2 amps supplied to the flexAR seems to just be expressed as heat, which transfers to the magnet. I burned myself on the initial test at 0.5 amps, as the coil reached 250°f (120°c) in an instant. I recorded a max temp of 320°f (160°c) at 0.9 amps before deciding I’d rather not melt anything.


Nothing against this, I just fully don’t understand the point

That’s kind of neat actually. Also, finally a good application for those who were considering getting an implant in the schlong :slight_smile:

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It’s hacky and out-of-the-box thinking! That makes it great in and of itself.


I urge you to stick around. I’ll be posting a progress update once it’s in embedded in some wearable applications.

That didn’t take long, I’m both impressed and ashamed-maybe?

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Proudly dirty-minded my friend :slight_smile:

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All I can picture now is you walk-in around with this sticking out of your sleeve and constantly slapping the shit out of your arm lol

lol I’ll admit I’ve been curious of how encapsulation would go

…if you got it flaunt it?

… I’m genuinely surprised there wasn’t more conversation about implanting that piezo buzzer in the head of someone’s dick

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bahahaha. reducing the actuation range to 10° seems to have more of a vibration effect over wild flapping. I’m trying to imagine how implanted rumble packs could work, and the flexAR seems like a step towards that.

I think the main problem with haptic feedback devices - including this one - is there is no point in implanting it unless it can be controlled over some distance. If you have to have something stuck right next to it to activate the implant, you might as well not implant anything and embed the haptic feedback device in the wearable.


Pretty valid point

Until we get subdermal solar or betavoltiac

I’m not sure which I think is a more halariously awesome idea

A nuclear powered subdermal dick vibrator

Or a solar powered subdermal dick vibrator

There’s some good joke material for something about renewable energy… also having to let your dick charge in the sun

And you could toss in some of those led strips as landing lights down the side

… ok I’m done lol


Sorry heliumface770, I think I instantly devolved your genuinely interesting thread into something dirty and off-topic :slight_smile:

I’d have to agree with you. Earlier in the year I made a rumble belt that’s purpose was to receive commands from other devices and translate that to me through vibration. The only thing different with this set up is that part of the motor is embedded in my arm, and because there’s skin between motor components it requires much less power to receive commands because I can feel the vibration more clearly than a traditional motor clipped onto a belt. I really want to play around with using it as a speaker as well. Achieving basic tones would send me to the moon.

lol come for a flapping pcb, stay for the dick jokes

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So, tragus implants and a cap with flappy flexARs hanging on the sides - possibly decorated as spaniel ears? :slight_smile:

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hahahaha that conjures a hilarious image :joy:

Yea how dare you Rosco?

Apologies for the derailment, just finished a stupid long week (in a long string of stupid long weeks) and I’m a bit slap happy…
(When I came in today I heard someone say “we’re in the endgame now” and I lost my shit)

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I don’t mind derailment, as I’m also a human in October 2020 :sweat_smile: I’m a bit flap happy myself.