xG3 biomagnet- for what purpose?

I’m excited to see DT finally selling a biomagnet again.

I’m wondering what the intended use of this magnet is. It’s too big to be placed in the fingertip. Is it meant to be a sensing magnet, or a lifting magnet?

If it’s a lifting magnet, I’m not sure what it could be used for. I’m interested in getting a sensing magnet, but I don’t see the appeal of being able to lift paperclips/bottlecaps without grabbing them.


We are just as curious about performance and applications beta customers will report!



Have you any idea how this compares to Samppa’s lifting magnet? I’ve finally been able to get an appointment to have one implanted in around 3 weeks, however if this significantly better, I’d like to get one ordered ASAP.

Sorry, I don’t have one of his lifters so I can’t give an exact comparison. At the moment the xG3 is kind of an experiment… and I’m hoping people are able to give us feedback as to what direction we should go with it.

No problem, thanks for getting back to me. I decided to go ahead with Samppa’s for now as I was nearly the appointment, but will see how things play out with the xG3 and consider one of those at a later date.

I have the magnet from Samppa in my left ringfinger, got it February 2018.
Here in Austria the microwaves are very good isolated - I can only feel a bit.
The most amazing stuff is the secure field in a library in Germany - I can feel it from 1 meter away.

I don’t know where to install the xG3 at the moment. I’ m a bit to afraud to install it in the tragus, we have headsets at work.
I have a lot of RFID Chips and I like to get more of them <3

30 paperclips:


Was this the 7x3mm lifting magnet? I’ve had mine implanted in the blade of my left hand for a week now.

This morning I felt the field from my microwave for the first time, which was rather exciting! The library where I work triggers the NFC payment screen on my Fitbit at around a meter away, so I’m hoping my magnet will pick these up too in the near future.

I’ve been shocked at the almost complete lack of pain following implantation. Very slight bruising, but appears to be healing well. Stitches are due out in a few days.

Next step is to clone my staff card onto an RFID implant now that I’ve verified it works successfully after cloning it onto a blank card. Exciting stuff!


I think it is this magnet, looks like on the x-ray :slight_smile:

My bodymod says, don’t play for 2 month. It was a hard time, but I only lift 1 or 2 papeclips to show it ( after a month for about 2 times)
I removes the stitches about 10 days after.

We don’t have RFID at work for access control :frowning:

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Ah yes, that looks like the same magnet as mine. I thought perhaps it would’ve been too large for implantation into the finger, but it looks OK.

I’m also having a hard time now playing with mine. I removed my stitches 3 days ago, and it appears to be healing well. Now I must be patient…

That’s a very impressive x-ray image, lots of implants!


I took the x-ray in Winter 2018.

Got three more implants in March 2019 . Yes I’m a bit crazy :wink:

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Passionate perhaps, but crazy seems a bit harsh!

Did you find that the magnet gained strength and sensitivity as it healed? And have you been able to lift anything considerably larger than paperclips since?

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yes it got stronger about the next month - know it is constant.
The Clip with the 30 paperclips was in May 2018. I got the magnet implanted in February.

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