xG3 Biomagnet -- suggested locations

Thanks for the reply. From your experience, would you recommend going for the webbing or the blade of your hand? I can see pros and cons and both, but I’m curious what you would have to say about it

We ride bicycle alot, I think the blade of the hand is ok except during the healing process. It’s gonna be tender and stuff so if you can take a week or two or three off from dirtbiking and stuff it’ll probably be better.

We picked blade cos it seems easier to pick things up with the magnet there, and it seemed the area was also sensitive enough that maybe there’ll be some sensing ability too when its healed.

FWIW its just under 2 weeks since we did our install, mostly healed but there’s a bit of tenderness still around the magnet. It can pick up paperclips and dimes pretty easy. Struggles to pick up a nickle but it’ll do it with a little care.

We haven’t tried any kind of ‘field sensing’ yet, figure as long as the area is tender there’s probably still swelling that’d interfere.

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I am curious of the actual strength of the magnet as others seem to have picked up heavier items. I wonder is it the placement or magnet.

I have a magnet installed in my finger that is half the size, been placed for about 8 years and it is strong enough to pick up a spoon or such.

This newer one seems very weak.

Inverse cube law governs everything. Add just an extra mm distance between the object you want to pick up and the magnet’s surface, and the “pulling force” drops exponentially. This is obvious if you’ve ever played with magnets before… and this is what’s happening. Our glass coating is close to 0.5mm thick, plus tissue and even your hydration level will dictate how much of that magnetic field coming from the N52 magnet inside the glass casing is going to actually interact with material on the outside of your body.

If the magnet you have in your finger is coated in parylene then chances are it’s got quite a thin coating… 8 years is impressive though. Do you know what coating was used? How thick it might be? Also the fingers have far less fatty tissue just below the dermal layer, so again chances are the magnet surface is much closer to the outside of the body.

All these factors will contribute to less “pull force” due to the greater distance between magnetically interacting materials.

My xG3 has been installed for about a month and is, at least mostly, settled. Seemingly very close to the surface of the skin. It can reliably pick up a quarter, unfortunately I don’t have paperclips handy to test them.
Sensing on the other hand seems to be minimal, likely due to the inertia factor. But I suspect it may also be due to a need for more healing, as the area around the magnet is still quite numb.
Overall I would recommend AGAINST this location for the xG3 as I don’t have high hopes for sensing and the lift benefits would likely be equal in the knife-edge of hand location or others. Also it was really freaking painful. I had 2 hours of scarification on the same day as my xG3 and would much rather sit through that again, while also spontaneously getting punched in the face.
There was also some complication with placement being too close to the joint, which after re-location lead to pocketing and thus a longer healing time.
It’s closer to the grip side of my finger than i’d like, but haven’t had any problems since it’s settled. I suspect rock-climbing might be uncomfortable, but haven’t tested yet.

The density of tactile nerve corpuscles in the fingertip is exactly why sensing magnets are placed there… and yes, getting anything placed in the fingertip is probably one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced.

It’s a great location for the right magnet of course.

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Anyone that has an xG3 in their left hand blade position that has a MacBook? The screen shut off sensor is on the left side and seems exactly where this implant would shut off the screen when typing.
Also, any updates from anyone that has had the blade implant for a while?

I used to have an m31 magnet in my left pinky and I learned I could just pop my finger out to the left of the tab button to quickly black my screen. Great for when people come looking over my shoulder :wink:

I have my xG3 in that position Just got my MacBook air out and moved my hard around everywhere on the left side. It remained on with no issues.

Correction, I guess on my MacBook air, the sensor is top left of the body. So i guess it depends on what model macbook you have and where the sensor is located.


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yeah… i have an older air… 2013 i think

Mine is pretty old as well. I think same year. Or pretty close to it

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Has anyone tried using refrigerant spray as a topical numbing agent? I talked to a nurse about the best pain management numbing to use and that is what they suggested over lidocaine as they use it with needle pokes.

The vast majority of needle pokes are pretty trivial compared to an implant, which is more like a single-ended piercing. Lidocaine takes a fair amount of time to work, which is why I’m assuming they prefer the refrigerant spray. The spray might work for minor things, but if pain is a concern, I’d just get the lidocaine patch. That said, Amal did both of mine without anything; I have actual jewelry piercings that were far worse.

That coolant spray is basically lighter gas. Its ingredients are Isobutane, n-butane, and propane.

here’s the SDS

It would work just like ice would work but more convenient.

You’d probably be better of using topical lidocaine, or if you can get your hands on a lidocaine vial injected would work best.

As far as the spray is concerned I’d probably just save my money and use ice as it’ll probably be just as effective or maybe even more effective.

“The ice cube application was significantly more effective than the vapocoolant spray in reducing the pain of the antibiotic skin test. Hence, the ice cube pretreatment is suggested for easy and fast pain reduction for the antibiotic skin test in the emergency department.”

Or take the pain like a man! (Tim Taylor grunt)
LOL, in all honesty, it really isn’t that bad. Giving blood hurt more than any of my implants. It’s over very quickly. I’m going to guess a very large majority of people that got an implant do not get any kind of numbing, yet you don’t hear anyone complaining that the pain was a lot.

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holy shit… wtf.

Random Question, would it be possible to install an xG3 next to either a spark 2 or an NExT? the same way one would do an xLED?

I would not recommend it. There is a ferrite core in the center of the x-series implants to improve antenna performance. It would attract the xG3. You can see what I mean if you put a small magnet on one of your implants.

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