xG3 Biomagnet -- suggested locations

yeah… i have an older air… 2013 i think

Mine is pretty old as well. I think same year. Or pretty close to it

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Has anyone tried using refrigerant spray as a topical numbing agent? I talked to a nurse about the best pain management numbing to use and that is what they suggested over lidocaine as they use it with needle pokes.

The vast majority of needle pokes are pretty trivial compared to an implant, which is more like a single-ended piercing. Lidocaine takes a fair amount of time to work, which is why I’m assuming they prefer the refrigerant spray. The spray might work for minor things, but if pain is a concern, I’d just get the lidocaine patch. That said, Amal did both of mine without anything; I have actual jewelry piercings that were far worse.

That coolant spray is basically lighter gas. Its ingredients are Isobutane, n-butane, and propane.

here’s the SDS

It would work just like ice would work but more convenient.

You’d probably be better of using topical lidocaine, or if you can get your hands on a lidocaine vial injected would work best.

As far as the spray is concerned I’d probably just save my money and use ice as it’ll probably be just as effective or maybe even more effective.

“The ice cube application was significantly more effective than the vapocoolant spray in reducing the pain of the antibiotic skin test. Hence, the ice cube pretreatment is suggested for easy and fast pain reduction for the antibiotic skin test in the emergency department.”

Or take the pain like a man! (Tim Taylor grunt)
LOL, in all honesty, it really isn’t that bad. Giving blood hurt more than any of my implants. It’s over very quickly. I’m going to guess a very large majority of people that got an implant do not get any kind of numbing, yet you don’t hear anyone complaining that the pain was a lot.

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holy shit… wtf.

Random Question, would it be possible to install an xG3 next to either a spark 2 or an NExT? the same way one would do an xLED?

I would not recommend it. There is a ferrite core in the center of the x-series implants to improve antenna performance. It would attract the xG3. You can see what I mean if you put a small magnet on one of your implants.


~6 month update.
My xG3 is a typical part of life these days and though it has the benefit of being an occasional conversation topic I’m certain the fingertip isn’t the most functional spot for this magnet.
The main downside has been in moving furniture. Gripping in the wrong way can cause sharp pains, but this has only happened maybe 3 times total since instal.
Due to the installation complications I mentioned originally the implant has a pocket that lets it slide ~5-8mm along the length of my finger. I suspect this has something to do with the sharp pains; I’d recommend that if for some reason you do want an xG3 in this location make sure your finger has the necessary real-estate and that your installer doesn’t go anywhere near your knuckle.
As far as sensing goes the most I’ve noticed was in holding my hand within 6 inches of a transformer. Nothing in everyday life. When it suits me I hope to replace the xG3 with a dedicated sensing magnet.


My non-dominant index finger has partial nerve damage on the thumb side of the pad. I was wondering if this might be a good place to place an xG3? I originally wanted to put in my non-dominant ring finger, but have been having second thoughts about placement because I have medium hands and concerned about comfort due to the size of the implant. Does anyone have any experience with a magnetic implant in a location with nerve damage? Just playing with my finger now makes me think it might be an interesting sensation. Thoughts on this placement?

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Well people put them in fingers as there are more nerves. I am no expert but I would assume nerve damage would reduce sensation in the area. Which would negate the point of putting it in the finger.



It increases sensation to the nerves that are there…



Fuck, I wish my nerve damage did that… I would have a decent chunk of arm to stuff with magnets.


That would be…handy :wink:


I have a spot on my thigh, that is around 8 by 10 inches of pure numb. I will one day be able to put a pegleg there, ( I know he won’t give one to a rando, still fun to think about) or something of that sort. I won’t be able to feel it.


how’d that happen?


I have a bolt on kit for a bike, and it can go around 42 mph in 8th gear.

I was doing 30, and I hit a patch of sand. I got this in my thigh.

23 staples and nerve damage later.


I had nerve damage on half my foot from a rope mishap, it was all numb for like three months. After that I just wished it had stayed numb cause it was on fire for like another two months. Still to this day I’ll get a random feeling like someone’s pouring acid on my foot… apparently it’s what happens when nerves are being fixed…they’re wonky for a bit. I think next time I get nerve damage I’m gonna hope it stays damaged.

Small incision, grab nerve and pull it out.
I did it and I am feeling better than ever :+1:

no don’t do it