xG3 close to xNT?

I am currently planning on getting either the Magneto or the Red Bundle. Obviously if I get the Red bundle I can put the xLED in L0 with my current xNT. On the other hand would I be able to put an xG3 there instead? Would there be enough space, or would they interfere? Alternatively I could just put it in the edge of my hand but yeah. Lmk what you guys think. Is there enough room? and will they interfere?

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I think I’ve read a xG3 shouldn’t be too close to a chip beacuse it would likely migrate in it’s direction.
Maybe if you fixiate it with toothpicks until it’s settled down?

IMO a xG3 in knife edge would be better. Magnets in P0 don’t make sense to me anyway (pun intended).

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Wouldn’t the static magnetic field of the xG3 bias / deform / mess up the EM field from the reader in creative and unexpected ways - possibly good, probably bad for performances?

I wouldn’t risk it personally.


I say go for it and let us know if you gain new magnetic superpowers and/or other supernatural abilities /s

in all seriousness if it’s too close it could have the potential to mess with the EM field when being read/written to which would probably cause some issues id imagine so safer>sorry, id go with red next to the next (remember 5mm apart!) and leave that for your P0

in my personal opinion of drooling over the magnet users of this site, it seems knives edge seems to be a commonplace that has some good use to it.

good luck with your procedures friend! let us know what choices you make in terms of bundles and placements!!!

Not to revive a dead thread here but what would be the best location for my xG3 for sensing other than fingertips. I do understand it’s more of a lifting magnet but what would be the most nerve rich area of the hand I could put it other than my fingers?

You could probably work this out yourself, by lightly brushing your hand, you will find the palms and fingertips are the MOST sensitive, so find another area that you get similar sensations, that are in viable locations for you…
Not directly helpful, but kinda a “give a man a fish/ teach a man to fish” deal

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So what was the real consensus about the distance a xg3 needs to be from other chips?

It’s only a guess but it would probably be a good idea to keep it at least 5cm away?

Yea it’s looking to be just about 1.97 inches on the nose if I do the xg3 in the middle of my forearm

5cm or 5mm?


Oooh, good spotting;
Amal knows his metric system. It will be interesting to see his answer, but MY guess :game_die: is

≥ 5mm for collision distance
≥ 50mm for magnetic separation


Here’s a simple answer if Amal has a couple floating around not sterilized

Can you put a xg3 on the counter and see how close you can get a x series to it before it reacts?

Should be a simple example

for magnets… 5cm (50mm) … you just don’t want the magnet to pull another implant over to it over time…


Here’s some values from a pull force calculator I use. I got 0.00lbs of pull force in every scenario when the xG3 was at least 7mm away. The calculator could have inaccuracies though so I’d say bare minimum 20mm if you wanted no effect between an xG3 and another ferromagnetic object.

There’s also the flexibility of the skin to consider. I think 50mm is a safe call

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Oh hell… does this apply to Titan vs. flexNExT as well? Suddenly, I wish for larger hands…

I don’t think the flexnext will be affected because there is no ferrite core in the flexies

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Ah, that’s great to know, thanks! I just forgot that aluminium doesn’t really care about magnets :wink:
But if I ever choose to get one of the classical glass implants, I think I shouldn’t put in the same hand as my Titan… especially when sleeping, my fingers come pretty close to the rest of my hand :wink:

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And copper ( The other flex antennas ) is barely even perceptible to magnetic attraction even with large magnets

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