Xg3 in p0 for a week or so now i think? Knuckle hurts

My index finger knuckle is so incredibly sore. Would think i broke it again if i didn’t know better. Part of the healing process or something weird?

Sometimes fluid can infiltrate and creep under the skin to other areas. I’ve heard of this kind of soreness a few times before and it’s always resolved a few days later.

Of course this is not medical advice and the best thing to do is consult your doctor.

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I found my P0 implant to knock around and nudge up on things for quite some time (many months).

It would occasionally nudge up on a nerve running up my thumb for example. That always felt weird.

Yeah it felt like it was catching in my knuckle down there, and my mark from the needle was actually in the middle of tha magnet so i pushed it back up. Not sure id recommend that one

How’s this feeling now? (3 days later)

Still quite a bit sore actually, prodding around doesn’t really hurt though, I’d give it a couple days before considering it fully healed tbh. Not entirely sure the knuckle is relatwd because its actually the only thing that hurts and my magnet is nowhere near. I am however quite sad i cant feel microwaves, but i can feel big power supplies so i guess goal achieved? :joy:

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Not sure if its swelling or movement of the magnet, but sometimes i can do 11, here i maxed out at 7

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id say for the magnet at least a month of healing.

You can get fluid that rushes to the area with increased trauma (and with magnets the trauma and healing times are extended because it actually moves around and makes it difficult to heal. Sometimes that fluid may find its way into joints. theres a term for it, cant remember what it is, but swelling will put strain on the joints and youll feel it tender and sore. Take an anti-inflammatory if it bothers you but it should subside.

Also if you use the magnetic field detection card you can see where the xg3 is positioned with it’s poles. Weaker attraction may be because you are in the middle of the pole, you can use another magnet to rotate the xg3 and make sure you have the full strength.

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Yeah sometimes its nice and dark green, other times its a white line, ive kinda just been assuming thats what it is, turning it is a bit uncomfortable yet though

If it is uncomfortable, i would highly reccomend to stop playing with it.

it is still healing and you need to give it as much time as possible.

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