xG3 Injectable Biomagnet (BETA)

Hello everyone. I do this post for those who ordered the xG3. I would like to know where you think to inject the implant. Thank you


Just received mine today. Its definitely too big to put on the side of my finger. Unless you have a thick thumb or pinky, I got thin boney fingers though. On top of the hand is kind of odd cause then you’d have to turn your hand upside down to pickup stuff.

So I was thinking along the side edge of the hand beneath where the pinky finger connects but that skin is pretty thick plus if you ever instinctively slammed your hand down on something or absorbed a hit that’d be a risk to break the capsule.

So now I’m thinking it would be good on the bottom edge of my wrist right before my hand. Skin is thin there, its relatively close to tendons and nerves (but not on top of them) which might help with feeling magnetic fields. Plus its still a convenient location to grab stuff. Thats all I could think of.

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Mine arrives tomorrow. Also looking at knife edge, as mentioned in the other thread about placement for the magnet

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You’re lucky !
Me DHL is late! :joy: :cry:
I still do not know where to place it, but in the area most sensitive to magnetic fields would be better indeed …

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Received yesterday too!
Welcome to the Cyborg friend club!


So, we proceed to the installation this morning!


Yeah, tell us again and show us some pictures of the area where you put it and a test :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did the test, it works but with the non-sparadra.
I could not put it under my wrist as our comrade above, my skin is not elastic enough for this area.
I was able to magnetize a paper clip before putting the sparadra.
However, the magnet has slipped slightly to the side but it’s better.

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Do you see the small cut near my nuckle? xG3 install complete! It has been 24 hours since the install.


Lookin good!

It works !
Well, the magnet slides a little on the sparadra, it falls easily if I make a sudden movement …
But I will see without the sparadra.
At least it works!



Mine’s coming in the mail this weekend. Has anyone tried putting it in the recommended xEM / xNT location (“the webbing between the metacarpal bones of the index finger”)? I already have an xEM in that spot in my left hand, and it’s worked out really well.

So, any reason why I shouldn’t put it in the same spot on the right hand, or even directly next to my xEM (I’ve taped a strong magnet on top of the xEM location and it’ll still read just fine).

So exciting to see everyone’s pictures!

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Hello, I put it on the side of my hand underneath the little finger because the place recommended was taken on both of my hands. And I wanted to avoid putting the xg3 and risk reading problems.

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Hello fellow magnet buddies, my xG3 arrived today in Germany and I’m very excited. Later on today I will speak to an professional to find the best location for it. Thank you for all the posts before, it’s an interesting read. I’ll keep you updated…


Did you get this done? I have one arriving in a week or so and I’m still deciding where to place it.


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I have had mine for 6 weeks. Located just below the wrist on the blade side of my hand.

This puppy is not small compared to my other injectables. The injection went well and it stayed in place.

I can easily pick up a few paper clips with it but that’s about it. So it’s not super strong. I want to wait 90 days before I judge its sensing abilities though.

I mean, It seems like the use case is a lifting magnet, not a sensing one. I used a field strength calculator at 3mm distance and came up with 0.01lbs of pull force. You could lift a few paper clips or a screw with that. I agree with Cassox that the blade of the hand seems like a good fit.

I know many of us love our magnets primarily because of the sensing aspect. Some people (like my significant other) just care about the lifting capabilities and would rather have a reliable magnet that is slightly weaker as a result, instead of mucking about with coatings and failures and repeated procedures. shareit https://get-vidmateapk.com

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