xG3 injection assembly came apart

Has anyone had issues with their injection assemblies separating form the needles?

I began pulling mine out after a successful injection, (well as far as I know, would have liked to see it in further from the injection site, but it seems to be healing well). I ended up gripping the needle with my forceps and pulling it out. On further inspection of the needle it appears that some sort of black stuff that attached the needle wasn’t spread all the way around the end of the metal shaft.

Well that is not ideal. Do you still have the parts? Can you ship them back to us if we provide a shipping label? We would like to analyze them!

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I still have the parts and cleaned them up. Just to reiterate what I said in the post, this really didn’t really impact the success of the implant as far as I can tell. The implant went flawlessly if not for that, and I was doing it by myself. Still something that was I was curious about.

I’ll PM you my order number and shipping info for the label.

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